Get the Best Tips for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

 Sigmar Bricksson
  Dec 19, 2018

You open your eyes and the very first thing you notice is the sound of chirping birds. They are all around you. The sun is already up but still waiting to dispatch its rays. A little fluffy bunny is grazing around you and suddenly, it comes near you and starts sniffing your toe. You give yourself a bit time before leaving your bed which is just a blanket lying on greenish grass covered with morning dew. You feel your nose with that awesome smell of Mother Nature. You are at the place where at every step you will witness the amazement of nature. You will surely misunderstand this experience with spending your moment in heaven and you are not wrong because this is how Mountain Kilimanjaro feels like.


Some Facts About Mountain Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. (After all just 2950 meters behind in competition with Mount Everest!)

The most famous and well-known fact about Kilimanjaro is that it is formed from three volcanic cones. But it’s nothing to worry about because the most recent volcanic activity that happened was around 200 years and a major volcanic eruption was roughly three hundred and sixty thousand years ago (360000).

Being a volcanic mountain has its own perks, doesn’t it? Kilimanjaro has it all. It has beautiful forested slopes, marvellous valley, and rocky ascents. Climbing through all of this is one once in a lifetime experience, an unforgettable if I say. With ascending height, on every step which takes you closer to its summit, the beauty of Kilimanjaro only intensifies.

The most fascinating thing about this mountain is that almost every kind of ecosystems are present in its lap. Whether it is a rain forest or moorland or desert, you name it and you will find it there. It even has an arctic summit.

How is the Climb?

The height of Kilimanjaro is around 5.8 kilometres and when the distance is measured vertically instead of horizontally than the word ‘difficult’ is automatically added in the journey. Well, it’s actually a perk because if it is so easy to be conquered than we probably are talking about the different mountain in this post.

Every year approximately 25000 people try their best to write his or her thoughts about their accomplishment in a book stored in a wooden box which is put at the top but only two-thirds who finish their journey can. Most of the people turn back mid-way due to altitude sickness.

There are seven official routes to Mountain Kilimanjaro. Six of which can be used for the ascent and for the descent only one is available (Mweka route). No matter which route you choose to ascent the camping is necessary except for one: the Marangu route. This route is not recommended because it is the busiest. So, this automatically makes him less scenic. At this high altitude, the air is a thing. So, one might face problem in breathing.

Kilimanjaro is located on the south of the equator and its peak is glacier-topped. This clearly means that climbing this mountain is as same as traveling from the equator to the North Pole and you can witness the climate change during your journey. You will see the conversion of the land beneath your feet from wet greenish grass to ice freezing cold white desert.

How to conquer it?

Before the climb, you need to check with your health care professional. You should start your adventure only when your doctor agree that you don’t have any kind of conditions or injuries that might get worse during the climb.

The second thing is your physical fitness. The more you fit the more you will enjoy the journey. Fitness is essential because the route can be tricky sometimes. During the day, you are enjoying the warmness of the sun and the beauty of nature, but night can turn freezing when you need to cuddle your tent-mate for extra body heat which he won’t love.

Choosing your tour operator is the most considerable thing. While choosing your tour operator, I suggest you that please don’t consider the money. Climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t a cheap one. If you try to do any compromise in the pricing and higher less qualified and less reputed operator than who knows you might end up sleeping in the leaky tent and let me tell you the temperature will get lower and lower with every step which takes you near the summit. So, be careful with your selection of the tour operator.

Enjoy your journey! And don’t forget to take a snap after conquering it!

Get the Best Tips for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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