Get Your Events Popping with Latest Tent Designs

  Mar 14, 2018

If you are planning any Backyard Parties, Corporate Events, or Weddings you will definitely require Party Tents. Party Tents Direct can provide you with the most stylish, sophisticated, and elegant looking Party Tents for your outdoor decoration need. The decor requirement will be readily met by the High Peak Frame Tents and the other basic design options available like Standard Pole Tents. You can choose from a wide array of beautiful looking tent designs per se the need.

In any festival style or block party kind of events, these can be used very efficiently and they stand out because of their classy and elegant looks. Party Tents Direct provides you with the multiple options of tents varying in their looks and styles. Choose from a wide range of tents differing in sizes and overall appearances to suit the best one according to your party requirements.

Apart from the stylishly designed tents, to name a few of their specifications, these tents are high in quality and durability. These are made up of 100% PVC Material which means they are waterproof, wind tested, and are fire resistant. So, your outdoor decoration will be hassle-free and can even endure a bad weather situation arising out of the blue.

The options available in party tents category are:

PTD Frame Tents, Star Tents, High Peak Frame - Complete Tents, West Coast Frame - Complete Tents, Standard Pole Tents - Complete Tents, Premium Pole Tents - Complete Tents, OX Speedy UP Tents - Complete Tents

Other specifications of the tents that will help in selecting the one shall cater the best to your needs are related to their designs.

To highlight a few, take a look below -

  • High Peak Frame Tents have no center poles which provides more flexibility with inner space thus they are best suited for the bigger events. In addition to this, High Peak Frame Tents are designed for a quick and easy setup and can hold a large number of guests. They come with fewer fittings in comparison to their traditional counterparts like Pole Tents. Their frame is the heavy duty commercial frame.

  • Pole Tents are a more visually appealing choice with the peaks and dips in the overall tent shape. Pole tents are best suited for grass and soft surfaces with their aesthetically pleasing designs. These can’t be installed on concrete or hard surfaces as these are supported and secured by driving stakes into the ground. Two options are available in the form of Standard Pole Tents and Premium Pole Tents. Premium pole tents are made to withstand multiple reuses as they are more durable and good for catering the needs of tent rental industry.

  • Star Tents are best suited for semiprofessional as well as professional use. These come in a wide array of colors and sizes to choose from. Brightly colored and durable, these easily manage to stand out from the crowd.

  • OX Speedy UP Tents comes in varying sizes and are wind tested. These are fire resistant and have been tested to withstand wind speed of 100 km/ hr. These tents are best suited for trade shows, marketing and promotional events, flea markets, fairs, festivals, and carnivals. Quite professionally designed, these serve their purpose well. It comes with adjustable height settings. Quick release pull pins make the setup, height adjustments and take down quite easier. Different size options are available to choose. Tents tops are PVC coated both inside and outside for waterproofing. Combining all the features and specifications, these provide an amazing solution to the commercial instant shelters and serves you well.

Other designs PTD Frame Tents and West Coast Frame Tents are available to choose from as per your likings. Your best bet is to choose in accordance with the theme of your gatherings.

Like we all know that for large and formal gatherings, Commercial Party Tents are a good addition if the event is an outdoor gathering. However, one of the most important thing to keep in mind while selecting one for decor purpose is that the style and the size should be ideal for venues and functions. Keep in consideration is a number of guests, as your decor should accommodate every guest comfortably, and we believe tents from Party Tents Direct are well built to serve this need.

Get Your Events Popping with Latest Tent Designs


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