Going Green: 5 Positive Effects on the Environment From Going Green

 Nick Rojas
  Apr 03, 2019

5 Positive Effects on the Environment From Going Green

The idea of “going green” is gaining a lot of traction in the world today. Going green – put simply – means focusing on sustainability and reducing the impact we have on the planet. As we deal with depleting resources and changes to the world around us, going green holds a lot of appeal for many people. Younger generations are very much aware of the fact that if we don’t take care of our planet, there will be very few natural resources in the future in which we will be able to rely on. The negative effects on new generations will be astronomical if we don’t take responsible measures and act fast.

Some people, even governments have questioned the veracity of climate change. To those who still think it is a hoax, we need to educate and help them understand the real impact on our way of life.

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But does going green really help the planet? Well, let’s check out 5 positive effects on the environment from going green to see how well this process works:

#1: Going Green Preserves Wildlife

Animals and insect species are going extinct at an incredibly high rate in our world. Many of these extinctions are tied to climate loss, often caused by deforestation and expanding human habitations. Marine species are wiped out by pollutants in the water. Reducing these issues preserves other species.

#2: Going Green Conserves Resources

We use natural resources to generate electric power around the world. Most power is generated when fossil fuels are burned. Not only are fossil fuels a limited resource that will someday run out, burning them releases high amounts of CO2 emissions and other contaminants into the atmosphere. People who go green reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

#3: Going Green Can Slow Global Warming

The climate of our planet is changing. The term ‘global warming’ has been used to describe this shift in our climate. CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels are adding to this change, which is causing dangerous weather effects around the world. Lowering your use of cars and other items can reduce CO2 emissions.

#4: Going Green Can Reduce Pollution

Pollution is created by many of the activities we take in our day-to-day life. Pollution can get into the water, the air, and even the soil. These pollutants can then negatively impact plants, animals, and people. Going green can reduce the number of pollutants you produce, which can mean the planet will require fewer clean-up efforts later.

#5: Going Green Reduces Waste Products

All of the trash we produce in our day to day lives has to go somewhere. Going green – and recycling or reusing items – can limit the amount of refuse that ends up in a garbage dump. Recycling can allow items to be used once more, so they don’t simply go to waste. It also stops some waste items from incineration, a process that releases more smoke and pollutants into the air.

How Can You Go Green?

So, we’ve gone over many of the benefits of going green on the environment. You might be wondering exactly how you can go green. You have a number of options you can take that can have a positive impact on the world around you:

- Recycle Items Instead of Throwing Them Away

- Reuse Items Whenever Possible

- Minimize Your Use of Paper Products

- Look for Energy Efficient Items for Your Home

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There are many ways in which families across the world can help the environment. One way is buying energy-efficient appliances. ENERGY STAR appliances can significantly reduce your electric bills and help your family wallet. On average, home appliances – including clothes washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers and humidifiers – will account for 20 percent of your home's total electric bill. The ENERGY STAR appliances are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy. These appliances use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy each year. That is way less than a non-energy efficient equivalent. While energy efficient appliances can be a bit pricey and not seem very affordable at a glance, they’ll save you money in the long run as these will certainly help you reduce your electricity bill. You can also find that there are a state, local, or utility rebates that will decrease your out-of-pocket costs. Take advantage, help your pockets and the environment.

Other ways people can contribute to helping our planet is through their choice of transportation. You may consider purchasing an energy efficient vehicle to operate. Some people choose to carpool or use public transportation to further cut down on their carbon footprint. Going green can play an important role in protecting the planet both for our generation and the generations to come in the future.

Going Green: 5 Positive Effects on the Environment From Going Green

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