Golden Trio: Top 3 Exercises in The Gym

 John Landrum
  Dec 13, 2017

Most people spend their lives in pursuit of achieving a muscular physique. However, it takes a lot of work if you are not doing your workouts properly. Whether you wish to burn fat, pack on muscles, gain strength or stay fit, I have compiled a list of the top three gym exercises that when included in a weight lifting program, can keep your body in top-notch performance shape. My favorite trio, which consists of the full body squat, deadlift and bench-presses are three core exercises which can help you achieve your fitness goals much faster. Let’s have a look at the golden trio.

1. Squat

In my opinion, the full body squat is the king of all gym exercises. I remember back in college; it was part of the exercise programs you had to complete to qualify for a sports scholarship. Let’s learn how to perform the full body squat – not a quarter squat or partial squat here.

Proper technique – Rest the bar right across your traps or rear deltoids. Ensure you are comfortable with the weight solidly on the shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and position your feet hip-width apart to ensure you are stable enough. Take a deep breath and lower down with your back straight until your thighs appear parallel to the ground. Complete the rep by lifting the weight with your butt as you maintain the natural arch on your lower back.

Strength strategy– The best workout routine starts with completing sets of four reps and two reps for a while. Use moderate weight at first (during warm-up), then gradually increase the weight and decrease the reps. Working up to the appropriate weight improves your physical strength.

2. Bench Press

Another key to effective mass workout is the bench press. Dubbed as a “full body lift”- force transfers through your torso and hips into the bar.

Proper technique – Start by lying on the bench and drawing your shoulders together. While your feet are planted solidly and stable on the ground, firmly grab the barbell shoulder-width apart. Arch your back such that the lower back is slightly off the bench. Focus on pulling the bar from its rack, bring it down until it touches your chest and pushes it back up.

Strength strategy – Dedicate at least one day a week to performing the normal bench-press workout, for eight weeks. To start with, do eight sets of six reps with half your single-rep maximum weight. Perform each rep exhaustively, but with control. Additionally, rest for one minute between the sets. After the first week, increase the weight you lift gradually through to the eighth week.

3. Deadlift

The deadlift is among the most productive mass workouts in the gym. It’s a multi-joint and ultra-metabolism boosting exercise that engages the whole body. Deadlifting correctly strengthens the entire body-from your traps down to the calves- much more beneficial than a host of other exercises. Conversely, poor form can mess you up.

Proper technique – Stand before the barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your hips backward as you squat so that your knees appear behind the toes while your thorax region is up. Grasp the bar such that it is wider than your stance. Straighten your legs and pull the barbell into your body until you feel your lats contracting. While your lower back is in its natural arch, maintain your weight on the heels and stand up locking your knees softly. Repeat the motion.

Strength Strategy – As a general rule, the repetition ranges you should do depends on your fitness goals. One to six reps are ideal for strength, six to fifteen reps work best for those who wish to increase muscle size and fifteen to twenty-five reps for muscle toning.

Productivity Tip- Remember the above workouts require enough time. Therefore, do not stress up with lots of work including college papers when it’s time to hit the gym. Go to and let the experts help you.

These workouts should be the core of your weightlifting program. For the best results, include them in your fitness routine, but not more than thrice a week. Alongside the golden trio, ensure your fitness goals fall into space by incorporating the Russian twist, hanging knee-raise and weighted sit-ups in your core exercises. Be real, stay active and have fun!

Golden Trio: Top 3 Exercises in The Gym

John Landrum

John Landrum is a renowned fitness trainer and ultra-endurance athlete. Having completed many of the toughest endurance events and contests including the UltraRunning Grand Slam and the Badwater 135, he is recognized as a champion powerlifter. Throughout his career, John has been helping thousands of young people get into shape. Recently, he started the Landrum’s physical fitness challenge- a program through which he inspires and motivates people to stay fit. The fitness enthusiast also runs a YouTube channel where he offers instructional videos on proper workout techniques.

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