Golf Solitaire Card Game Rules

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 18, 2019

Golf is a solitaire (patience) card game where the players try to get the lowest number of points, as in the golf sport over the course of nine handouts. It has a tableau of 35 cards which are all faced up. It has a higher ratio from skill to luck than other solitaire card Games. Let’s look into the setup, and rules on how to play Golf Solitaire.

Golf Solitaire

How to Set-up Golf Solitaire?

To start, the entire pack should be thoroughly shuffled. Thereafter, the layout is set up.

From a standard deck of 52-cards, 5 cards in each column are placed face-up (in 7 columns). One additional card is placed at the bottom of every foundation. The leftover 16 cards are placed in the form of a stack, all faced down. Each card should be placed in such a manner that it partially covers the card below it. There should be a small amount of space left between each column of cards.

Golf Solitaire Rules

  1. Only the top-most card from each column that is closest to the player may be removed from the tableau. And when it has been removed, the card underneath becomes available to play.
  2. Cards should be moved from the tableau to the base if they are either one rank higher or one rank lower than the top card of the foundation, no matter if there is a suit, nothing can be played on the top of a King.
  3. Cards rank from A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K. There is no wrapping up (King on Ace or Ace on King) in the golf solitaire.
  4. Whenever there are no possible plays left, turn the cards’ face up one at a time from the pile to the base and continue playing cards from the tableau when possible.
  5. There can be no re-deal. The game is over when the stock is exhausted and no more moves are possible.

How to Play?

To begin the game, a player removes the top card from the pile and puts it faced-up beside the stack pile to start from the foundation pile. It is sometimes referred to as a waste pile.

Some players prefer to hold the cards in one hand throughout the game and deal the cards from the pile as needed. Players should use whatever method is more comfortable for them to play the game.

Once a card has been played till the foundation pile, the player then can begin playing from the layout onto this foundation pile. A card may be dealt from the tableau onto the base pile as long as it is currently the last card in the row. No cards would be overlapping it. The card should be exactly one rank higher or one rank lower than the card on the top of the base pile. Doesn’t matter which suits of cards are played.

The game continues until there are no more moves left that the player can make from the layout of the stack pile. At this time, the player will turn over the next card from the top of the stack pile onto the base one and similarly play as many cards as possible from the layout to the foundation pile. This keeps on going until either the stack pile runs out of cards or tableau is completely cleared of cards.

If a player manages to clear the whole foundation before running out of cards in the stack pile, this is regarded as a complete win. However, if a player plays the last card from the stack pile and there are no more valid moves available, the player may not be considered as a complete winner, but he still earns a result for the hand.

Other Variations

Above mentioned were the rules of classic golf solitaire which is played by only a single player. But as always, there are different versions of this game too. Let’s look into one.

Two Player Golf Solitaire: -

This looks like a bit of oxymoron; many versions of solitaire can be played by multiple players including golf that can be played with two players as well. It will require two decks of 52 card one for each player. This game also requires plenty of space, so should be played on a large table.

In the same way, his game can be played by more than 2 players as well, usually up to about 4 players. The player having the lowest score after 18 holes is declared as the overall winner of the game.

Golf Solitaire Card Game Rules

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