Google Search Engine Algorithm Core Update January 2016!!!

 Rajshree Deshpande
  Jan 28, 2016
For SEO Services Melbourne providing companies changes in Google Engine Algorithm core update is most important aspect. As the Google page ranking and ranking is in picture and strategies are build around these Algorithm. Last week Google had major announcements in Search Engine Algorithm core updates and we all experienced a big scramble in Google search engines. Expecting the changes in Panda and Penguin, Google have made the core changes in ranking algorithm. This was been a big surprise for all the companies.

Now, one update...what changes the update made? We are still looking in this change and the changes are strange, odd. Most of us are looking into Search Metrics reports and understanding the changes that are taking place. Google also confirmed through Twitter that Panda is now a critical part of Google’s core ranking Algorithm. Let’s see some more highlights with respect to Google updates: (from many sources)

Correlation in Website construction and Slugs/URLs

So the Site construction has played an important role for winners as compared to losers. Yes, the keywords are also playing major part in website URLs or Slugs. As there is good connection between the keywords those are opening in URL and the ranking. The better optimisation of website for categories, products and internal linking has seen a positive effect with this algorithm change.

Impact on Visibility

Impact of this algorithm is huge on the visibility aspect of Google and the traffic (actual) might differ. This aspect will come to light gradually. Yes, the changes with respect to visibility are on larger bases depending on the search terms that will be used.

Critical updates on Content

Once again it is mentioned in Google updates that content quality is most important and critical for ranking sites with the help of keywords. Content with photos, text, images, and pictures will sure give a positive impact. For particular keyword that reliant on individual QDF and Google calculates the QDF scores (Query Deserve Freshness) according to the events, user behaviour in search volume.

User friendly websites

The changes also have positive effect of user intended website compared to websites with content. So, high quality content with long form of content which is covering the topic in detail, have a positive effect from this update. With very few keywords and less content on website but useful to user has worked for many website after this change.

With these updates, there are many questions that are coming up about Google Panda including the confusion around the Google Search engine Algorithm Core Updates. Still SEO Services Melbourne are looking for answers on more regularity on Panda updates and searching for differences of Panda in core updates. Increasing number of questions on Google updates and less confusion will give us a clear picture in coming week on how the algorithm actually works.
Google Search Engine Algorithm Core Update January 2016!!!

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