Green Infrastructure is Worth Investing in, for Home Owners and Commercial Building Owners

 Charlie Brown
  Jul 06, 2015
Green infrastructure is becoming a permanent fixture in the city and suburban areas. Green infrastructure refers to a wide range of water management practices such as green rooftops, tree planting, or permeable pavements, which absorb water when it rains.

Make Your Green Environment

Green infrastructure is important as it reduces instances of water pollution, by:
Improving storage of water
Absorbing water into the ground to benefit plants
Creating instant water supply
Evaporating water to the atmosphere as opposed to having it collect on surfaces

Benefits of green infrastructure to home owners:
Many homes have benefitted from green infrastructure. Some benefits of having green infrastructure in your home include:
It’s a cheaper solution for dealing with storm water problems
Your home and neighborhood will be beautiful
The air will be cleaner and cooler
Clean air will result in lesser respiratory illnesses
You will spend less on home heating and cooling
You will create new jobs, as you will need people are needed to tend to the infrastructure.

Benefits to commercial building owners:
If you own commercial property, investing in green infrastructure will have a lot of benefits for you and your tenants. They include:
You will get hire rental income.
The value of your property will increase.
Your tenants’ businesses will thrive due to increased foot traffic. In return, your buildings will have higher demand as business owners want to rent in a building that has ready traffic.
You will save on energy, because the green infrastructure provides natural cooling.
You will have access to financial incentives, such as tax credits, given by local authorities, due to your contribution to improving infrastructure.
Your building will not suffer too much damage resulting from floods.
You will have lower water bills because you store your own water.
Occupants in your building will have better health and will want to show up to work more.

In the long run, such benefits will make you a lot of money. As a new investor in commercial real estate, you should consider installing a diverse range of green infrastructure in order to reap maximum benefits from your building.
In the recent past, business owners have suffered a lot of financial losses as a result of flood damage. The cost of insurance has gone up, impacting starting costs and profit margins. As such, it has become a necessity to conduct business in buildings that are fitted with green infrastructure.
Older buildings can also be fitted with green infrastructure and still enjoy the benefits experienced by new building owners.
In certain cities, building owners are required to install green infrastructure in order to be compliant with storm water regulations. Even though the law does not require you to spend on green infrastructure, you should still do so to ensure safety of your building during storm disasters.

Bottom line:
Installing green infrastructure, especially for controlling storm water, needs to receive more attention. Government incentives need to extend to more business people to encourage these safe practices.
Home owners too, will be more encouraged to make green retrofits in their homes if they have access to funds, in order to avoid spending so much money in upfront costs.
It would also help if local governments revised their storm regulations to make the requirement for green infrastructure mandatory, especially for commercial buildings.
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Green Infrastructure is Worth Investing in, for Home Owners and Commercial Building Owners

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