Grow Longer and Stronger Hair Naturally Just in 10 Steps

 Dush Canagas
  Jun 25, 2018

Some short hairstyles are amazingly cool. It all depends on shape and size of your face and also your personal preferences. Let’s don’t offend lovely girls with some cool short hair. However, these small hair disallow them trying some of the latest cool hairstyles for gorgeous looks. They can do their hair in numerous ways according to the changing trends. Even men are obsessive with longer hair. They love playing with hair of their women.

If this makes you more interested in longer and stronger hair, there is a whole new range of hair care products available to address your hair care needs. Here is a fact. Healthy hair constantly keeps on growing. However, in some cases, hair growth stops due to various scalp problems. However, there are some hair care products you can use to resolve these problems and stimulate hair growth. Here is how you can grow hair naturally in 10 steps.

Avoid Stressful Environment

Apart from a lot of other health problems, stress is also responsible for hair loss and slow or no hair growth. And, this has been proven in numerous scientific studies. In almost all cases, symptoms are improved after the stress is taken care of. Therefore, keep stress level low to restore normal hair growth if you want healthy long hair. You can try meditation and breathing exercises to manage stress. It is very important to get adequate sleep.

Trim Hair Every 12 Weeks at a Salon

It doesn’t make sense, right? This will be the last thing you will do for having longer and stronger hair. You might not believe but trimming hair is good for hair and hair growth. Have you noticed these ugly and pesky split ends? Expect these problems if you don’t take the best care of your hair. Women with damaged hair often cut their hair short. Getting split ends cut off by a pro at a salon prevents further damage and makes hair stronger. One should take split ends seriously. Split ends often lead to the damaged middle hair strand.

Buy Satin Pillow Cases

Cotton pillow cases are really comfortable and soft. However, you should start using satin pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases are not as soft as satin pillow cases. Though satin pillow cases cost more than cotton pillow cases, if you want to reduce the tangles in hair, you should switch to satin pillow cases.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your dry scalp moisturized to improve the health of your hair. It does not mean that you should bury your head in a bucket full of water three times a day. Simply drink plenty of water to keep your scalp hydrated. This will improve the health of your scalp.

Switch to a Healthy Diet

It is important to switch to a healthy diet if you want to grow hair fast and have stronger hair. Your meal should consist of sufficient amount of proteins to prevent hair breakage. Have some meat on your plate which is a good source of protein. Eating the right food will also minimize hair fall.

Treat Hair with Penetrating Oils

Keeping scalp moisturized is very important for healthy hair. So, always treat your hair with penetrating oils. Protective oils such as aloe, olive, castor and coconut are perfect for keeping hair and scalp moisturized. These oils reinforce hair from inside.

Switch to Low Manipulation Hairstyles

Constant brushing, pushing and pulling of hair always result in hair damage and breakage. Switching to low manipulation hairstyles will definitely reduce stress on hair. There are many low manipulation hairstyles that are not only easy to do but also very stylish. High manipulation hairstyles are most likely to slow down hair growth. Apart from manual breakage, this will also make hair more prone to moisture loss.

Flip Your Hair Over

If you love hair flips, do hair flip on regular basis. You can improve the flow of blood to scalp simply by holding your position for several minutes (2 to 3 minutes).

Rinse Hair with Cold Water

You might not have heard of this, rinsing hair with cold water will seal moisture in your hair. Dry hair is damaged very easily. However, moisturized hair is less prone to damage.

Shampoo Your Hair

Having healthy scalp makes hair grow faster. It is not good to shampoos hair every day. This will strip hair of a decent amount of moisture and essential oils which is not desirable. If you want to get rid of dirt buildup, simply run water through hair instead of using shampoo every day.

Grow Longer and Stronger Hair Naturally Just in 10 Steps

Dush Canagas

Dush Canagas is marketing manager at Complete Hair & Beauty Warehouse who also love writing about hair and beauty products. Dush has published several beauty tips and guides.

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