Guide to Keeping your Vehicle Roadworthy and Safe

 Connor Cranswick
  Jan 10, 2018

Being the owner of a vehicle provides you with a superb amount of freedom, however, with this comes certain responsibilities that is maintaining it and keeping it roadworthy on Melbourne roads at all times. Keeping your car first-rate will only aid beneficial, be it in terms of car driving, performance, mileage, engine condition or the most important of all, the resale value. Whatever the reason may be, the underlining factor of keeping your vehicle’s optimum maintenance will remain unchanged. Therefore, it is advised to get your vehicle inspected by an authorised service station such as Western Auto Services in Melbourne for a thorough check.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of factors which can help you determine your vehicle’s actual value in terms of being roadworthy.

  • Start with A, B and C

The best way to check your vehicle for roadworthiness is to go step by step to ensure you leave out nothing. Initiating with the A, B and C will surely give you a heads up. Since A stands for the Accelerator, B for brakes and C for the clutch, it is obvious that these 3 are essential aspects when it comes to all vehicles. The slightest of fault in any of these can result in an accident for not only the driver but for the passengers and people on the road as well. Brake check-up is crucial, they should be firm and should act instantly. Second, the brakes should not create unusual vibration, noise or squeals. As for the clutch, you may come across clutch drag, jammed clutch plates, etc.

  • Engine Check

Second most important part is the engine of your vehicle, it literally makes or breaks the entire car. When checking the vehicle engine, you or your car inspector needs to ensure there is no rust, the engine fluids are intact while the spark plugs and pipes are not damaged. A common notion reveals that if the fluid level is low, there is a potential leak. If you often face this issue, get your fluid holders and pipes checked thoroughly. The most important car fluids are battery distilled water, engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, and coolant.

  • Tyres Check

Tyres play a vital role as they help create an ideal grip of the vehicle on the road. Worn out or damaged tyres can reduce the speed, it's grip and braking system. The tyres should have optimum tread, air pressure as well as the quality to gain a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne in a single look. Ensuring tyres are in good condition will not only increase your safety on road but will also reduce the overall running cost.

  • Check the Lights

Checking the lights is probably the easiest check. Ensure that all the lights which include head lights, brake lights, parking lights, indicator lights, reversing lights, fog lights, as well as number plate lights all, are functional and there are no cracked or faded lenses. Lights not only help us view the road in dark but also help other vehicle drivers spot us on the road. If any of the lights are damaged, your road trip can become a nightmare.

  • Wiper Blades Check

Wipers are a saviour during the storms and heavy rainfall. If they are damaged it would make it difficult for you to drive in such harsh weather. Moreover, your old wiper blades may get your confidence busted during the car registration process. So, get your old or cracked windscreen wiper blades replaced to obtain a roadworthy certificate.

  • The Interiors

The interiors of your vehicle do not play a direct role when it comes to the performance of the vehicle. However, when you are checking everything else then why not pay attention to the interiors as well. Clean the dirty seats, floor mats, remove spots and stains, dirt and polish the dashboard and other spaces and place an air freshener. The interiors serve as a selling point when it comes to trade the car. If the interiors are not clean, the deal is off.

The above mentioned are few tips that help your vehicle to be roadworthy and safe at all times not only for you but the other people on the road as well.

Guide to Keeping your Vehicle Roadworthy and Safe

Connor Cranswick

Connor Cranswick works as a digital marketing expert for Western Auto Services, an authorised service station providing full-service auto care in Victoria. His experience includes writing on various aspects of vehicle care and maintenance.

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