Having An Overarching Goal ? Why You Should Always Take Right Action

 Alex Wise
  Jun 08, 2017

We all have goals. We all have things we want to achieve. It starts off as a dream. We eventually find motivation and passion. We fight for it. We work towards our goal. In the beginning everything is progressing well. Results are coming. Thing are getting done. Stuff get’s taken cared of. However, slowly the jaw-dropping results and amazement dissipates.

Normalcy settles in. This happens in practically everything that we do.

You see the amazement and quick results comes from what I call “Newbie Results”. It’s when a newbie or a beginner get’s radical and fast results quickly. He achieves things he thinks are amazing and rightly so, since he probably never have experienced such success. The Newbie Results will appear in anything we try to achieve, whether it being hitting the gym, dating or business.

With working out. Newbie results are when a complete beginner suddenly starts to hit the weights. His body rapidly responds to the new stress he’s putting his body through; resulting in rapid muscle growth and strength.

The beginner feels a sense of achievement and success. He is even more motivated. He is still far off reaching the ultimate goal, but things are looking great for him.

However, when months pass by. His success starts to dampen. He isn’t experiencing the rapid successes like in the early stages. Things are getting harder. It’s more difficult to stay motivated, when the results are few and far between. This is when champions and losers are set apart!

What a Loser Would Do

A loser would get emotional over his lack of results. He will start questioning his own ability and the path he takes.

He starts to get irritated and demotivated. He slowly starts to slack off in doing what needs to be done.

He doesn’t push himself a lot anymore and spends more time complaining.

Slowly his lack of motivation turns him to view the activity as meaningless and a waste of time. He quits and hops on another new interest.

What a Champion Would Do

A champion will get emotional over his lack of results. Maybe he would even start to question what he is doing wrong or what is not working out. He goes back to basics.

Is he doing them correctly?

Is he pushing his own limits and constantly challenging himself?

Is he slacking off?

If no. The champion will not stress. If he takes the right actions. He will get his reward. He doesn’t waste time on minor bumps on the road. He looks at the bigger picture. The long term goal. The overarching goal.

Why he does what he does. The vision. The dream. He keeps going. The results will come.

As you can see the champion has an overarching goal. A vision of himself that keeps him going through the hard times. He has faith in the process as long as he does the right things. Takes the right actions and works hard at it.

Nothing on the telly? Why don’t you move your fat ass buddy!

The Importance of The Overarching Goal

Having an overarching goal gives you something to aim at. It gives you a reason for why you are doing what you are doing, when nothing seems to be going your way. When pain and frustration are the only things you meet. The overarching goal will be your shining light. The light which keeps you going. Keeps you digging.

This applies to getting good with women as well as any endeavor. Think about those nights when you’re tired. You just want to sit at home. Watch some TV and sleep. Your body and mind would actually try to work against you. Keep you in the current emotional state you are in.

Your body and mind will always want to remain in the current emotional state you are in.

That’s why some people are negative all the time. They are exposed to that feeling so much that they unconsciously want to remain there, even if it isn’t good for them.

When you got off work. All you want to do is head home and relax.

Understandable. But you need to realize you don’t have to. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you. You need to use your willpower to power through it.

That means get your shoes on.

Put your jacket on.

Get your gym bag ready and march towards the gym.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it. You still do it. It’s a principle. It’s a conscious choice and goal you’ve made with yourself. Don’t let your emotions determine the actions you take. Only losers do that and that ain’t you!

Power through the emotions and the state, which is holding you back from stepping it up. It’s okay to not feel like going to gym. It’s okay to feel like not going up and hitting it hard in the clubs. But you still do the right things. You still take the right actions towards your goal.

So next time you are sitting in your couch. Wondering if you should hit the gym or not. The right action should be obvious to you.

Having An Overarching Goal ? Why You Should Always Take Right Action

Alex Wise

Alex Wise is an editor for Loveawake.com. He writes his best ideas, advices and tips about marketing, relationships and marriage for blogs and sites. Follow him on the company site

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