Health and Hygiene: Great Combination of Healthy Life.

 Kevin Brown
  May 22, 2019

Everybody has a right to enjoy good health. Health and hygiene are very significant to keep our body healthy. It is our duty to keep our body in good health. The health and hygiene are very precious assets of our body and we must not avoid.

Health and Hygiene

At present, a large number of people have become aware of health and hygiene as they have realized the importance of health and hygiene. Today, we are going to share with you types of hygiene that are essential to put into practice on a daily basis.

What Is Personal Hygiene?

We are going to explain to you in a brief that what is personal hygiene? Personal hygiene is very essential to enjoy a healthy life. Personal hygiene tells you to keep a habit of keeping cleanliness. Personal hygiene includes washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing and toileting are probably the most significant activities in personal health and hygiene. You are supposed to look after your nails, feet and your personal look. You have to follow these activities during the period of your young age.

Types of Hygiene:

As we know health and hygiene are connected to each other. There are types of hygiene, which requires much discipline. That means every practice should on time. You are supposed to drink water at appropriate times. Brush your teeth twice in a day. At what time, you are supposed to wash your hands. These all are significant assets in personal hygiene.

Let’s have a look at below the types of hygiene:


Most of the people don’t know the rules of taking a bath. According to health and hygiene, one should take a bath with hygienic soap. Always use warm water for bathing that can help eliminate dirt and poisonous bacteria. Such bacteria are responsible for body odor. You can keep yourselves away from many diseases by keeping your body clean and neat.

Hair Care:

Many people are worried about hair fall. Most people shampoo their hair to keep them strong and shiny. Regular messaging will wash away dirt and keep hair roots strong. The regular shampoo will activate your dead skin cells and offer nourishment to your hair. You are supposed to use shampoo according to your hair type. Always dry your hair naturally, avoid using hair dryer device. Don’t comb your hair soon after shampooing can harm your hair.

Environmental Hygiene:

Environmental hygiene includes two types of hygiene. First one is domestic hygiene and the second one is community hygiene. Let’s talk about first, domestic hygiene.

Health and hygiene are the same. If you avoid the first one, the second will harm you definitely. Domestic hygiene includes house cleaning, utensils cleaning, and food storage cleaning. You should not preserve food for more than a day. Disposal of stale food should be needed. Each should remove the wastage from the house periodically. You should use anti-insects medicines to remove them. Such activities are good for health and hygiene.

Community hygiene comprises of many things. There should be a safe removal of human excreta. Human excreta can spread the virus if it is not disposed of safely. One should save themselves from air and water pollution. It is very essential to keep your house safe from air and water pollution. You must stop the virus from warding off your house and keep the distance from viral diseases.

Hands and Feet Care:

Hands and Feet Care

It is a type of hygiene in which you are supposed to wash your hands and feet with soap and water can help wash away bacteria and virus. It stops bacteria spreading into other parts of your body. Health and hygiene must be implemented to have better nourishment to your body. Most of the people avoid washing hands after using the toilet and urinal. They must clean with soap. In many occasions, we forget to wash hands and feet such as before cooking and eating food, after coughing and blowing nose.

Enough Sleep:

It is very needed to sleep at least 8 hours. Without enough sleep, you can’t work properly according to your will. Insufficient sleep can lead you to many problems such as depression, anger, subconscious mind, etc. To overcome insomnia, set a time of sleeping, avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine before sleeping. This can help increase your sleep.

Health and hygiene are necessary to prevent sickness and incurable disease. If you keep cleanliness, you will have better health. Cleanliness can defend you against many diseases.

Health and Hygiene: Great Combination of Healthy Life.

Kevin Brown

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