Ghanshyam Pandya
  Jan 16, 2018

The health insurance available in Singapore is numerous, and we are certain that the comparison is quite tricky when choosing the one that is capable of meeting your unforeseen circumstances.

Things would always take a different twist against our plans. What will make a rational individual scale through is insurance? Health insurance is basically one of the most fundamental insurance policy to have at every point in one's life.

Making it a point of duty to bring your health insurance goal into the picture and help you match it with the available health insurance in Singapore to know the corresponding effects of the combination.

The idea of family floater design depends on the likelihood that all the relatives getting genuinely sick and hospitalized around the same time is low. Thus if an occurrence happens where all the relatives are hospitalized in the same year (e.g. a mischance including the whole family), at that point cost of treatment that will be secured by insurance agency will be restricted to the entirety guaranteed. Medicinal costs surpassing whole guaranteed should be borne by the family from their pocket.

Now, let's try to practically guess what the goals of most Singapore citizens is and how to link it with the appropriate insurance policy.

The health insurance options in Singapore can be classified basically into the following :

  • Medical expenses insurance
  • Hospital cash insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Critical illness insurance.

Analysing critically, we were able to draw up reasons for each of the above-listed insurance and the questions go thus:

  • If all you want is to have your medical expenses paid in full, then your sure option is the medical expenses insurance plan.
  • Considering that you wish to reduce your financial burden when diagnosed with the major illness (such as cancer), going with a critical illness health insurance option in Singapore is just right for you.
  • For a disability income insurance, you need to ask yourself if what you need is a replacement of your income when you are unable to work.
  • Don't go for a hospital cash insurance if what you really want is not a fixed amount of cash when hospitalized.
  • Paying the cost of care needed when you are incapable or too weak to cater for yourself is in line with a long-term care insurance policy.

Once you can wrap your head around this comparison, then you are left with the option of deciding if you want your health insurance to be handled by private or the public insurer.

The private insurer will grant you more services at a higher premium price and it is available for everyone as long as you can afford it while the public (medishield) is cheaper and basically for citizens of Singapore.

Group insurance is also available and this is done for you through your employer. A token insurance cost would be deducted from your pay.

The vast majority of the insurance agencies confine the most extreme time of policyholder in a family floater want to 60 – 70 years (age restrict fluctuates with the organization). Once the senior most part achieves the predetermined age constrain (greatest time of inexhaustibility), the arrangement can't be reestablished and other relatives should buy another medical coverage design. In such a situation, if the other relatives need to purchase another approach, the 'No Claim Bonus' and the advantage of lapsation of the holding up period/s on the old strategy will be lost. Likewise, the current relatives should purchase another medical coverage arrangement at a higher premium as their age has expanded when contrasted with when the old strategy was purchased.

So in the event that the age of your folks is 50 years or above, it is fitting to purchase a different family floater design or individual anticipates them as opposed to incorporating them in your family floater design.

Another important aspect of Singapore comparison of health insurance is the cost.

The study shows that the average cost is S$1,200 per annum for an insurance policy covering a possible cost of S$1m per annum. Some of the top providers include AXA, and MSIG.


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