Home Networking: A Ladder to Updating

 Ompal Singh
  Feb 26, 2018

Introduction to Home Networking:

A home network comprises of a group of devices like computers, game systems, printers, and mobile devices which are connected to the Internet and each other. There are two ways in which Home networks are connected:

1) A wired network, which connects the devices like printers and scanners with the help of cables.

2) A wireless network (WiFi), which connects devices like tablets and e-readers without the help of cables.

Why is there a need to set up a Home Network?

There are so many reasons to establish a home network. A few things that home networking allows us to do are as follows:

1) We can cconnect to the Internet from multiple computers, game systems, mobile devices, and more.

2) We can aaccess files and folders on all devices connected to the network.

3) We can print on a single printer using multiple computers.

4) We can easily managethe security settings for all networked devices sitting at one place.

Things needed to set up a Home Network:

1) Subscription to an internet Provider

2) A modem that connects to the Internet, and a router that connects your devices to each other and to the Internet through your modem

3) A computer or other device to connect to the network

Mixed Home Network

Most of the times people find that a mix of wireless and wired networking would meet their needs best. For example, devices that stream movies get benefited from quicker and more stable wired connection. However, devices like laptops or tablets get benefit from the mobility available with a wireless connection.

Steps to configure the Router to connect to one PC:

1) You need to connect your router to your PC via the ethernet cable. Routers usually have multiple ethernet ports, so connecting a PC is easy.

2) An access point may require something called a crossover cable, which is a special ethernet cable with two reversed pins. Some access points come with a short crossover cable, but you may need to obtain one before proceeding.

3) Some routers require you to configure your PC to a specific IP address in order to perform setup. Nowadays products are already bundled with a software CD what takes you through the configuration process.

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Nowadays, homes are adopting the latest inventions of technology into the application.

Home Networking: A Ladder to Updating

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