How A Mattress Can Act As A Radiation Antenna And Cause Harm

 Chris Smith
  Jun 19, 2017


In the past, electromagnetic radiations were not considered so much as a major hazard. However, new researches have shown that over-exposure to such a radiations can cause a lot of harm to our physical and psychological health.

Not many people are aware of this fact that the mattress that they lie down on, can actually act as a radiation antenna. Yes, you read it right. Just like an antenna, it can magnify electromagnetic waves, and can cause several types of deadly ailments, such as cancers.

Basically, it happens because of the presence of metals in the mattresses. To deal with such a case, you need to identify whether there is any metal in it or not. It will help you in adopting preventive measures to get rid of such issues.

In what ways does a mattress work as a radiation antenna?

Any radiation whether coming out of FM or television emits certain frequencies that are augmented by the metal present in the mattress. When these electromagnetic waves become strong, then it harms the sleeper.

Generally, it is not possible for us to avoid exposures from radiations in our everyday lives. These waves surround us everywhere we go. However, it is always recommended to stay away from electromagnetic radiations, especially when you are sleeping.

Any metal object that is half or 1/4th of the electromagnetic wavelength of a specific frequency has the potential to act as an antenna. So, you need to look at the metal within your mattress. If you locate any such metal piece then it is best to buy a new mattress at the earliest that is devoid of metal.

If you are looking for the best quality mattress, then is the best place. You will find different types and sizes of memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattress that are devoid of metal. All the mattresses offered here are highly tested for safety, durability and comfort.

What type of harmful effects can a mattress cause to your body?

Mattresses that have been found to have metal in it, can increase the probabilities of causing prostate cancer and breast cancer. Such mattresses, like the box mattresses and spring mattress are manufactured by using a lot of metallic components.

The electromagnetic field created by a spring mattress could increase the risk of cancer in a person. Thus, to keep yourself away from these disastrous health issues, it is very important to eliminate electromagnetic fields on the bed at the time of sleeping. This is the safest thing that one should do.

The most relieving part is that you can control electromagnetic fields. You need to ensure that the mattress that you are using does not have any piece of metal in it. When there is no metal, then there will be no amplification of the radiation by it.

What makes latex mattress safest mattress to purchase?

So, your first course of action would be to change to a safe mattress. This will prevent you from sleeping in a heightened electromagnetic field, and would keep your completely safe.

You will need to choose a mattress that does not contain metal in any form. Look at the base of the bed and ensure that it is free of metal. To be on the safer side, it is better for you to change your cot if it has metal components, and go for are the ones that are manufactured with wood.

You can go for a latex mattress as it contains a pure form of latex without any metal in it. Also, it is a natural material that offers mold and dust mite resistant without any added chemicals. By choosing a latex mattress, not only you and your dear ones are protected from the impact of electromagnetic waves but also enjoy exemplary comfort!

Also there are many different types of mattresses like the memory foam and other organic mattresses that are manufactured without the use of metals. Even though these products might be slightly expensive when compared to the cheaper mattresses, they will protect you from radiations for many years. Make sure that you choose the Brands that are known for making durable products.

If you are concerned about your health and the health of your family members, then make it a point to check if any of the existing mattresses in your homes are made with metal components. If you find any of them, then it is better to get them replaced at the earliest. There is no point in risking your health by exposing yourselves to radiations while your sleeping.

How A Mattress Can Act As A Radiation Antenna And Cause Harm

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