How a Sci-fi Story became the first choice of Cinema Directors.

 Olivia Jones
  Jul 27, 2018

A lot has been said about the upcoming flick, The darkest mind. Now let’s, just see what made the filmmakers think about making a film out of the book yes it sure is a book with the same name, how are both of them similar, or different. These are more things will be discussed, today. One of the bestselling books of all times, it surely must be on your ‘reading list’. For all my bookworms, reading this, please go and grab yourself a copy of The Darkest mind or else, Read the darkest minds PDF eBook just before watching the film to reveals all the secrets of these mysterious Children's.

Why The Darkest Minds needs to be on your radar?

In case you are one of those who loves reading and follows fantasy adventure books, this ones for you. You are sure to read it time and again. The story follows a young girl, named Ruby, who after getting up from a good night sleeps on her 10th birthday, finds something unusual. An unknown disease has taken away many children, but Ruby along with some other children has survived, but, but, but, that’s not all, they all have got some special powers. Furnished with these ‘superpowers’ Ruby along with some other children is sent to Thurmond, which is a ‘rehabilitation’ centre owned by government agencies, it has many more children besides Ruby.

Post six years, Ruby flees from there, to find a safer place for her and her friends. She comes to know of East river, but what is this place going to bring to them?

This is a science –fiction book, which will be loved by those who read these kinds of books.

Also, as we all know, and I have earlier penned down earlier about the flick but this time, around I thought of penning down about the book and the flick together. The flick has many of our favourite stars, featuring Mandy Moore, Gwendoline Christie, Amandla Stenberg along with Patrick Gibson, to name a few of them.

The movie also, since it’s based on the book is also quite similar (actually very similar, to the book), anyone who is a movie buff, Watch The Darkest Minds 2018 Online video trailers to know much more about the story. Trailers are already out and you can watch all video trailers on YouTube.

Dark minds is a very dark flick, no doubt quite disturbing, also, But there is a practicality in Alexandra’s works, which in some way makes the plot believable to some extent. The publication, I feel is not very well executed.

Why did they put the kids in concentration camps? I fail to understand. Isn’t it a reminder about what happens to children and others, when locked up? They have children of all age groups, all having some or the other super powers.

But, Bracken handles all of the concentration camps thing s in such a way which annoys me, quite a lot. She has shown children getting beaten up, with rifles, guards mentally torturing little kids. So, you feel bad for all the kids around there. There are children who have mind control powers, some are shown mentally ‘slow’ and ask guards to shoot them. Had I been there I would be scared to death.

Ruby does manage to flee, and for that one wonderful moment, I was so glad for Ruby (yes, I was), but not for long, again my anger grew up, because there is end of sad part in this book, it surely is depressing. Ruby is shown as leading the children’s revolt group, who knows what all of them are doing. She keeps meeting one guy, whom she (and, us the readers) feels that is a nice guy, but no, whomever she meets is worse than the previous one. Later, she meets many people and also makes friends with them (actually starts liking one of them, also) after which they go on a road trip. Liam (one of Ruby’s friends), is quite a bore, so as to say. Both, Liam and Ruby are one and the same, Chubs and Zu, do enjoy a bit, but have very little role to play. Just when I was thinking about something, (was lost, when I thought the story has lost its track), just then they get shot by some hunters (as I mentioned above, had completely lost interest). Up till now, no one thinks about a plan for what they have to do/ should do. Only Ruby is shown to learn new things, from her powers and also from others, others, they are shown to do what Ruby tells them to or in case they do, something, they try following her. Guess they don’t have much more to do.

After which all of them go to the sanctuary, they have been looking for all this, while .After being sent to two, bad camps, (out of which none is developed enough) to take care of them, we again are shown another group, which no one knows is good / bad, but what are so many groups supposed to do? No one group knew anything about the other, people kept coming and going. The children are separated by powers.

Ruby, though, classified as Orange, which is quite high risk (due to her ability to manipulate others minds), she keeps telling everyone that she is Blue (one at less risk).

She is shown hiding her truth regarding her abilities, while others who are orange / red are known to be more dangerous and killed, there and then.

By, now Ruby is aware of the fact that her most friends are not going to survive, hence she gets help from League of Children, she also has a deal with them, she will help them along with using her powers, to help them, only if they let her friends free. Everyone at League agrees to this, and Ruby meets her friend Liam (whom she had feelings for), decides to erase the memories from his mind, so he can be freed and move ahead in his life.

The plot, as told earlier, was very confusing,

How a Sci-fi Story became the first choice of Cinema Directors.

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