How brands are using Artificial Intelligence to enhance marketing

 James Grills
  Apr 25, 2018

While most people find the term artificial intelligence (AI) synonymous to human-like robots, or simply Iron Man’s Jarvis, the reality is totally different today. Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing happening to market! Period.

AI is empowering the way our corporates function, the way they are driven, and the way they make day-to-day transactions easier for us. New things are happening every single day, right in front of you and corporates are indulging in these practices more and more to make simple tasks even simpler! AI thus has become an integral part of marketing strategies of the modern day corporate worlds. Brands are integrating AI practices to gain a leverage in the market, among the customers.

AI is the best marketing strategy for your business growth model!

Artificial Intelligence integrated with marketing practices helps make our lives easier. How?

We are surrounded by an invasive amount of information, too much to handle, literally! Thus, we need a solution to process all that information, all the huge chunk of data and make it feasible for human interpretation. This is where AI comes into the picture. Just a few years ago, most people did not believe what revolution was about to hit them, but we are glad it did!

Ask yourself this very simple question - what do major brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Adidas, IBM and even Uber have in common?

All these major brands have integrated AI practices into their marketing strategies. Artificial Intelligence is thus, adding to their further growth.

Let’s take Google here for example. Google uses AI to enhance their algorithms. They take help of the same to make the search results and the underlying information accessible to the 7bn people on the planet today.

They seek the help of AI to organize that information, give it away in different ways through articles, pictures, news, and videos and solve our daily problems in a transformed way. Google AI helps breaks down all kinds of barriers for us and gives us what we desire, thus aiming at better user experience.

Feasibility and comfort at its best!

Tesla uses AI as an algorithm to analyze the practical and real-time position of the road that lies ahead of the vehicle. This algorithm then makes the decision for stopping, driving, or slowing down. The more self-driven cars are plying on the roads, the better their algorithm becomes when it comes to the detection of what lies ahead. This helps in the better protection of the people inside the vehicle.

Like Tesla, BMW takes help of Artificial Intelligence in order to enhance customer experience. The opt-in system helps personalize the driving experience for people by gathering all kinds of important information relating to the person driving and the ways the vehicle is driven on.

A very popular feature BMW provides is finding and sharing the real-time destination of the car with other cars, which enhances better connectivity and scheduling between people. The AI system helps people avoid traffic, find a parking spot, gas station and even provide walking directions to the parking spot from the place you are visiting.

All hail virtual assistants!

The most common example of Artificial Intelligence we encounter every single day is our phone assistant and other virtual assistants. Be it the Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and even Alexa, all help make our lives better by learning about us, our personal lives, our choices, and provide us with appropriate and relevant information. Simply ask them to book a restaurant for you, they’d do it, ask them to play a song for you, you get your favorite beats in a jiffy! Ask them about black holes, there you have your encyclopedia!

Solving your queries at all times.

When it comes to supporting, no single brand can promise to provide each and every customer with a personal human interaction. This is where AI becomes important. Customer experience and support are enhanced by the replacement of human sales guys and support staff by AI assistant. Customer experience can become better this way, and a lot more interactive. You get better product recommendations, engaging content, entertainment, what not!

Certain financial services companies, like the USAA, based out of the United States are using AI platforms for an enhanced functioning. Their digital virtual assistant, Eva can answer multiple finance and insurance related questions. This is going to provide potential and current customers with better financial information in a personalized manner.

Isn’t this is the first basic rule of marketing - Serving the customers right, with the best support experiences?

AI helps you shop better

At its fundamental level, Artificial Intelligence is all about making our lives better. They help better the human world. How do they do it? By engaging in bettering their customer experiences.

They help generate insights for targeting what we need, just like a human sales guy would do for you. However, this optimisation goes beyond sentimental analysis, for obvious reasons.

Starbucks does this right. Virtual Starbucks allows the customers to place orders by simply tapping on certain buttons and communicating with AI bots. The newly launched Amazon Go store in Seattle does a pretty similar thing.

The store uses technology pretty similar to what drives a self-driven car. Shoppers pick up stuff, on the go, go out and pay their bills later on, without having to worry about cash checking lines.

Your SEO practices are altered, for good!

A large amount of content, especially in the field of sports and finance is generated through AI bots and machines, with no human intervention at all! This is eventually reaching to other industries too! This provides us with easy, narrative and millennial-friendly content.

The text is readable and breezy. These automated programmes are thus revolutionizing the content marketing industry too! Content marketing is directly linked to SEO practices, therefore bringing about a change in the sphere as well.

Now, since voice search is the core of SEO (run mostly by Siri, Alexa, and Cortana), most of the search queries involve question tags (How, where, when, why, who, etc.) and basic everyday sentences.

The narrative sense makes all the difference! It seems to be written by humans, but it is not. The integration of AI into content marketing has thus made data and content human-friendly, crisp, to the point and interactive, bringing in more and more viewers.

Better predictions = Happy customers!

The biggest benefit AI has brought to our lives is to enhance user experience in accordance with our choices, patterns, latest trends, and the time devoted. AI does what humans cannot! It does the “searching” bit, analyses your choices and patterns of usage and predicts what you’d like to buy or watch.

Amazon and Netflix are the best examples for this. Once they determine your patterns, they preemptively provide solutions to serve audiences better. The “you may also like” message that pops on your screen on both these apps, an AI bot is behind that!

Artificial Intelligence is, without a doubt, the next big thing. The world around us is shifting from being the mobile-first world to becoming an AI first world. The concept is beautifully put together by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. With people delving into personalized experiences of using technology to make their lives better, Mobile App Development Companies need to augment their efforts and streamline their creativity to meet this high demand! App developers certainly need to pull their socks up for the tech-world is super-competitive today!

How brands are using Artificial Intelligence to enhance marketing

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