How can mobile marketing help small-scale businesses?

 Kinjal Patel
  May 09, 2017

One of the latest technologies practiced in advertising is ‘Mobile Marketing’ and its popularity has grown over the past few years. Especially, small businesses can experience a significant growth in sales after using this excellent marketing tool. With Mobile marketing, small-sized businesses can reach out to the large-scale customer base and get more customers for their business. Small businesses have considerable opportunities to easily connect with their customers due to the rising customer interest in mobile marketing and customer loyalty programs.

Mobile marketing is a vital tool for increasing the business sales through push notification, improving the sales by sending out coupons, offering special discounts to customers & promoting the business to large targeted audiences. And when you get your business on a mobile platform your services can be accessed easily by the users from anywhere anytime. Moreover, they can freely connect with your services through the device they use the most.

There are two main components in every mobile marketing campaign. The first is about creating an opt-in list and promoting it by any possible mean. The second component is about sending relevant and interesting text offers to the list you created. When it comes to promotion, you have to brainstorm your ideas and come up with innovative ways to integrate your marketing materials with customer incentive and loyalty programs.

Mobile marketing stands out among the rest of advertising as well as it can beat the two most significant barriers of classic advertising methods i.e. low perceive value and limited effective reach. And it is achieved through the concept of choice and consistent with expectation messaging.

Customers that subscribes to a mobile marketing campaign do so by choice and by action. Numbers say that text messages sent to customer’s mobile phones are read within 10-15 minutes and the average redemption value is 20%, irrespective of the business type, which is more than any other marketing methods such as mail, radio, newspaper or social media marketing.

Moreover, a well-renowned social presence is something that can get breakthrough progress for businesses. Social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be used to expand the social presence of the business. Web sites like Facebook and Instagram have a larger audience base and thus the platforms can be used to generate new leads for the business. Business messages and posts, benefits for clients, etc. can be posted on the social media platforms in order to share business insights with the customers.

Messaging/Texting exclusive offers and exceptional business deals to the customers are a different thing than texting a personalized message. Personalizing the business services for the customers creates a feeling that attention is paid to their needs and demands. Personalization is about arranging the services depending upon the customer’s interests. Along with big corporate houses embracing the text marketing as a marketing tool for business promotion even small businesses must add this prospect in their marketing strategy. SMS marketing has been recognized as a very effective tool when it comes to connecting with the customers – be it discounts or customer in-store incentive programs.

A great benefit of text marketing is that it enables a business owner to connect one on one with his customer. A small-scale business would not need to engage with stronger businesses on the mobile channel. You can send out the text offers to your subscribers every month or on weekly basis.

Lastly, the most important thing that businesses need to remember is that just because they have their customer’s number that doesn’t mean they have the permission to send text messages to them. Let them decide whether they want to continue with the services or not. There are many customers who do not like getting service messages from businesses. Also, there are fat chances that a customer would sign up for more than one SMS program within the same niche. Thus, it is essential to ask if they wish to receive messages including information about exclusive deals and other services. When adopted correctly, Mobile Marketing can turn out to be a powerful way to communicate and connect with your customers.

How can mobile marketing help small-scale businesses?

Kinjal Patel

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