How Much Does It Cost to Install a Limited Mobility Stair Lift

 Elena Tahora
  Apr 16, 2018

Apart from its utility, investing in a lift can be a more economical and efficient option for those who wish to accommodate their family members at home or employees at work who are experiencing difficulties in navigating to several floors. Now, a common query for those considering this option is, “how much do these lifts costs?” To answer that, you must account for several factors affecting prices like the lift’s condition, weight capacity/size, materials, extra features, and installation costs.


Foremost in considering prices is the condition of the lift. Nowadays, numerous manufacturers offer reconditioned lifts. These lifts cost about a third of brand new ones, and may include a warranty from the manufacturer. It should also come with a yearly inspection from installation engineers for a safety inspection. Reconditioned lifts are the most economical choice for most.

Although these reconditioned lifts are viable options, quality, safety, security, and up-to-date technology are far more ensured with brand new models. New lifts may range from $2,000 to $80,000 depending on installation type – commercial or residential lifts – and the above-mentioned factors. Usually, installation costs are not yet included with lifts costing $2,000.

Weight Capacity/Size

Second to query on costs, people intending to invest on lifts ask options on carrying capacity or size. Regular lifts have a weight capacity of 280 to 350 pounds; their commercial counterparts at 1,000 or 2,000 pounds; and, heavy duty or industrial variations ones can carry up to 6,000 pounds. Dimensions of each also vary depending on for whether the lift is for single or multiple carrying individual carrying capacities.


When it comes to materials, there are several options available in the market depending on use. For residential type lifts, options include hydraulic lifts, pneumatic vacuum lifts, and shaft less lifts. Hydraulic lifts are the most popular choice with prices as high as $75,000. They are quieter than most lifts, and can be concealed behind walls. Pneumatic lifts are also popular in demand due to their cheaper costs with prices starting at $10,000. Apart from affordability, this option is known for its nominal maintenance and fast installation. Shaft less lifts are the best choice for those with limited spaces. Prices start at $15,000, and such option is limited to single carrying capacity.

For commercial type lifts, options in the market include traction lifts, goods lifts, and low pit lifts. Traction lifts are the most popular type of commercial lifts thanks to their relatively low power consumption as opposed to commercial hydraulic systems. Prices start at $20,000.

Goods lifts, given their names, are used in carrying goods; hence, their greater carrying capacities. This option is popular among businesses due to their relatively low power consumption, easy installation, and maximum delivery performance. Lifts of this type include service and trolley lifts.

Low pit lifts are similar to traction lifts with their doors and controls. This option is popular among users due to its versatility; lending use in public access spaces, offices, and even schools. A drawback from using this type is its speed which is normally at 0.15m/s.

Extra Features

Apart from regular features of lifts, some offer exclusive features like options for door options, seat options, control systems, railings, and other custom services. These added services may cost $1,000 to $15,000, depending on your dealer. For top shelf options and instant customer service, visit Grant Elevators.

Installation Cost

Installation cost may as well vary due to professional fees or labor costs, permits for construction and installation, and enhancements. Professional fees typically begin with $70 to $120 an hour multiplied by number of hours to complete the work, and number of professionals working together. Depending on where you live, your state or city may require construction and installation permits. Professional are aware of such permits should there be any. Enhancements, on the other hand, are optional. These may include concealment of lift behind walls, opting for transparent doors, or phone installations.

You may also be charged extra for several issues like electrical wiring problems, maintenance, and onsite difficulties. Maintenance usually include yearly inspections and mechanical and electrical adjustments. Onsite difficulties may happen due to site elevation or flooding.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Limited Mobility Stair Lift

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