How Smoking Affects Your Tooth Health

 Mohd Rashid
  Jul 14, 2018

Smoking happens to be one of the greatest devils that has befallen upon the human race. The worst part is that even after knowing the grave consequences of smoking, people still get addicted to it and don’t think about quitting. And those who want to quit, it is not a cakewalk for them, too, and most of them are unable to stick to their resolution in this case.

Smoking wreaks havoc on your overall health and though teeth are not the first thing that come to the mind when you are thinking of the consequences of smoking, but it is true that your tooth and mouth can get adversely affected by any tobacco product.

The longer you smoke the more damage you are causing to your oral health. But that does not mean that you cannot quit smoking ever or reverse the damage that smoking has inflicted on your teeth. You can control and get rid of this habit but for that you have to realize that it is dangerous for you to continue with it.

To help you realize here are some of the ways in which smoking harms your oral health. After knowing these you will start seeing the reasons why millions of people are trying to quit smoking. Just read on.

  • Gum Disease – There are two ways in which smoking abuses the gums. Firstly, smokers have low levels of oxygen content in their blood that slows down the process of healing. Hence when the gums get infected the body is unable to heal it. Secondly, if you smoke you are likely to produce more bacterial plaque in the mouth that put the gums in danger. As compared to the non-smokers, gum disease progresses at a much steadier rate in those people who smoke.

  • Tooth Decay – Some serious damage can be caused in your mouth by tobacco and cigarette smoke. Though most people think that gum disease and oral cancer are the major consequences of tobacco usage and smoking but tooth decay is also one of the most common consequences of the same. If you smoke, large cavities can be formed around the gum line that can lead to weak teeth and infections. The broken teeth have to repaired that can turn out to be a costly and, in some cases, a painful affair.

  • Oral Cancer – As said earlier, one of the greatest risks of cigarette smoking is that it contributes to oral cancer which includes cancer of tongue, mouth, lips, throat and gums. Research reveals that men are more prone to develop any of these as compared to women. The dental hygienists suggest that the risks are especially high for the smokers and the drinkers. But unfortunately, the oral cancer is not discovered until it has reached a very advanced stage. That is why the risk of survival rate with oral cancer, in most cases, is discovered too late. Since it is a fatal disease hence you should try to take as much precautions as possible to avoid it and quitting to smoke is one of the first steps towards it.

  • Teeth Discoloration – People are mostly aware that smoking can instantaneously turn your pearly whites into grim yellow or brown teeth. The more you smoke the more you are likely to notice that your teeth discoloration occurs more quickly. This occurs even if you are not a chain smoker. But the amount you smoke influences the pace at which the teeth are likely to become discolored. You can easily search the internet to see how smoking plays a pivotal role in discoloring your teeth.

  • Bad Breath – You may have heard the old saying “Your mouth smells like an ashtray” several times before and with smokers today it is something that holds true. Long after the cigarette is finished, the cigarette particles still remain in the mouth. This causes the breath to adopt the characteristics of a cigarette. In fact, the long-term effects of cigarettes also contribute towards bad breath. A horrible smell is created in the smoker’s mouth because of the bacterial overgrowth there. As the bad breath is coming from sources like oral sores, gum disease and decay, no amount of gargling with the mouthwash or brushing can help to do away with the smell. The only real way to reverse this is to quit smoking and working with the dentist to cure the things that it has caused. In fact, the prolonged smoking can also lead to salivary gland infection which can give rise to the painful swelling of the face and can call for surgery if the salivary gland stones develop.

  • Bone Damage – If the periodontal disease is allowed to fester for too long the infection can spread into the bone and the tissue. As a result of that, they can become weaker. Over time the bone damage can occur if the periodontal disease is not treated properly and the infection never gets rectified. In certain cases, the periodontal disease is so bad that the surgical procedure becomes a necessity in order to deal with the damaged bone. The restorative surgery and the bone grafts are sometimes required in these cases.

The above are some of the ways in which smoking affects the tooth health. Continuing to smoke for too long has many adverse effects and these can range from anything starting from tooth decay that can be recovered to some extent at the best tooth crown cost in India, tooth loss if it is beyond recovery and even oral cancer. So, in order to ensure a better oral health, you must try to stay away from all kinds of tobacco products and quit smoking so that you can have a great oral health and flaunt a beautiful smile whenever you want.

How Smoking Affects Your Tooth Health

Mohd Rashid

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