How Technology Will Influence Marketing in 2018

 Jenn Livingston
  Feb 28, 2018

Numerous technological inventions have dominated the past decade. These technology advances have significantly impacted people in all life undertakings. The business sector has also embraced technology, and today there is a direct application of IT in conducting most tasks. Presence of the internet has allowed easy communication between clients and sellers. Marketing is now easier than in the past days when the only advertising mode was through media such as newspapers and billboards. Now, it is possible to reach out to potential clients from wherever they are.

In 2018, numerous technologies are expected to make marketing easier than ever. Some of these advances include:

1. Identifying and reaching customers will be easier

The primary aim of marketing is to bring new clients to the company. This is because when the clients are many, the business will make more profits. There are two main modes of reaching the customers online. One of these techniques is through using inbound leads. Inbound leads are generated by identifying the customers who visit your company’s website. This means that they have an interest in your products and services. The business firm can reverse the IP addresses of the customers and reach out to them. Such an approach will lead to the acquisition of numerous clients.

The other way that companies can reach out to their clients is through outbound leads. Numerous lead generation applications can be used to reach to specific people in the market. In 2018, such apps are expected to increase, and they will be more improved than the previous ones. This task will be more comfortable than before due to the increased use of a GPU database by most companies in the generation of outbound leads. In the past, firms used conventional CPU databases that were slower and couldn’t handle bulk data.

2. There will be improved customization

Being relevant to prospects is a crucial component in convincing customers to buy the company’s products. Therefore, it’s imperative for marketers to sell only the products that the customer requires. Trying to sell all the products that your company produces may annoy the customers. This has been countered by the new tech advances in the marketing area that allows customization of the client needs. When a company has information about the location of the customer, their interests, and other crucial details, reaching them becomes easier. When you call or email them, you can address the particular product that they checked when they visited the website. This is expected to improve drastically in 2018 as new apps that enable access to client’s information have been developed.

3. Sales will be closed faster than before

There is no point of marketing to many customers without successfully closing the sale. Many companies are highly overwhelmed by the immense number of emails and phone calls that they receive from clients. This makes it difficult for these institutions to complete the sale in a fulfilling manner after initiating it. This problem is expected to be also experienced in 2018 as companies will be generating more sales than ever. However, there is hope that more deals will be closed in 2018 than in the previous years. This is because more instant payment platforms such as PureGold will be unveiled. This will encourage immediate completion of the deal without procrastinating it further as this leads to fading of the client’s interest.

4. There will be improved web designs

The general outlook of your web has an enormous impact on the responsiveness of the client. In the past years, web design was not an area where programmers placed much emphasis. However, with the increased competition, web designers have remodeled the websites to suit the client’s preferences. In 2018, sites will be more user-friendly than ever. Access to information by the customers will be easier, and this will encourage increased sales.

5. There will be greater emphasis on statistics

Statistics never lie. This adage is true even in the business world. In 2018, more companies are expected to embrace the use of data to draw solutions on how to improve their marketing status. This approach is very crucial in ensuring that firms remain competitive in a market that is getting new players always.

The marketing department is the arm of business firms that is tasked with bringing new clients. In 2018, the above mentioned technological advancements are expected to take the business sector by storm. It is therefore crucial for businesses to embrace technology in marketing as this is the only way to ensure that they bring new clients and sustains the existing ones.

How Technology Will Influence Marketing in 2018

Jenn Livingston

My name is Jenn Livingston. I have been in the Real Estate industry for the last 12 years. Lately, I've noticed how the tech industry has impacted the way I do marketing. This article talks about some of these changes I have noticed.

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