How to Avail Hassle Free Bad Credit Loans Without Guarantor?

 Jenny Elmore
  Mar 28, 2018

The power of credit is best utilised when you can repay and manage your loans. The moment you begin to find it difficult to process the repayments, the loan turns out as an unwanted debt. Having borrowed more than what you could afford could be a harrowing experience. Irrespective of age, gender and credit score, one should always borrow loans according to their repayment capacity.

For once broke, it can take years to mend your credit score. Thereafter you would require financial prudence and expert guidance to stay afloat. Incessant cash crunch and need to borrow more are two of the most common outcomes of bad credit.

While main street lenders generally do not accept the loan application of the borrowers with poor score, those who do would ask for a loan security in the form of guarantor or collateral. However it not easy to find a guarantor who would be willing to support a weak credit report. With bad credit history, you tend to be a risky borrower and sharing loan responsibility of a risky prospect can affect a guarantor’s profile too.

How to avail bad credit loans?

Unlike main street lenders however you can search for bad credit loans no guarantor online from private loan providers. There are thousands of lenders and brokers who dedicatedly cater to needs of borrowers with low loan eligibility. They help borrowers avail hassle free loans without any delay. There are no credit check worries and loan risks are leveraged with higher interest rates and flexible instalments.

In order to avail bad credit loans with no guarantor or collateral, you simply need to fill an online form on official website of a loan broker. You must share your contact details and credit requirements clearly. Make sure you do not share any banking account number or credit card number in any case. As your query is processed, a loan expert would call you.

Based on your preferences they will share the available loans in the UK. You can compare APR% and choose the most affordable deal. The entire process would be completed online and there are practically no hassles involved.

However before you compare various deals, you must know the ins and outs of each type of loan.

Know what to choose:

Payday loans

Commonly touted as emergency loan, payday loans are one of the most hassle free bad credit loans for borrowers with a secured job. As the name suggests, you can avail a small cash advance without credit check, or guarantor or collateral.

These are processed instantly as urgent cash gap loans. A majority of online borrowers use payday loans to gap fill their cash shortages till the next payday.

The popularity of payday loans is high despite being one of the costliest loans. However you need to payout the dues as a lump sum payment on your next pay day.

Doorstep loans

Those who find it overwhelming to repay payday loans shall opt for doorstep loans. These are extended as flexible loans with weekly or fortnightly repayment loans. As the name suggest the loan is delivered right at your doorstep.

These are ideal small loans for retired, self employed and temporarily unemployed borrowers with repayment capacity. There are no rejections on the grounds of your credit profile. A candid loan agent would visit your home and enquire about your loan requirements. Thereafter they will tailor a loan according to your needs. The same agent would be responsible for loan disbursements and reimbursement.

Homeowner loans

Homeowner loans are home equity loans. These are borrowed as second charge on your residential property despite the current mortgage. You can make use of a homeowner loan to draw a high ticket loan despite poor credit history. You do not need a guarantor to get approved for these loans as they are secured loans. Most borrowers use home owner loans for debt consolidation or home improvement.

Unsecured loans

There are dedicated FinTech companies who help bad credit borrowers avail personal loans without guarantor. However you must be ready to shell out additional amount on loan interest.

With a loan broker by your side, you can conveniently compare all the available loans without spending a single pound. They extend free loan advice.

How to Avail Hassle Free Bad Credit Loans Without Guarantor?

Jenny Elmore

I am a seasoned blogger and personal finance expert. I am worked as a credit manager in my previous job and currently shares professional loan advice with people struggling with bad credit rating. For more advice and tips on bad credit loans and personal loans without guarantor

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