How to Beat the Summer With Various Strategies

 Brandon Hawkins
  Apr 15, 2019

As the temperature heats up across in those days and we also find ourselves in a heat wave. It is more important than ever to stay cool and beat the heat as well. As you all know that almost everyone has air conditioning in their homes, but not every human being can afford to set the temperature at high while cooking.

As you all spend most of the time at work or in transit by a car which does not make you feel the heat; however, it is a completely different story in every home. You would have to deal with the high rising temperatures. The purpose of writing this article that we will assume that you are not going to have a professional energy monitor recommend thousands of dollars in the improvements to make your home more energy efficient.


Here we are left with what the average person struggling to get by, can do to survive the summer heat without breaking the bank. The main objective is not to survive outside in the hundred-degree weather, but to make our homes more comfortable with the least possible use of the air conditioners.

Here are some different methods to beat the heat

As you can also save money, wear and tear on the air conditioners and maybe help the environment as well.

Pull down the branches of the tree for natural shade: Pulling down the shades or close the blinds on the side of your house that facing the sun direction. The objective is to keep out the suns heat, but not necessarily the indirect light.

You can block the sun from coming inside to some extent by using the curtains. You can also grow more trees around your home so that you will stay comfortable in the summers as well. From these natural methods, you can also save money on energy bills.

Turn on your unit: You can turn on your air conditioners when temperature is rising up. Air conditioners are the perfect appliance to stay cool in the summer. But you have to make sure that you install the latest air conditioner that is also energy rating.

The services of air conditioning you can take easily as they have well-experienced professionals. They are available at any time whenever you need. You can also ask some questions if you have any doubts regarding the maintenance and servicing of an air conditioner.

Wear cotton clothes: In summers you should wear cotton clothes as you can breathe easily. Most of the experts also advise wearing cotton material. There are new clothing products on the market that help to keep you stay cool and wick moisture away.

You can also check out your local sporting goods store. Wearing light colored clothes helps to reflect the heat away. You should stay away from the darker colors that could make you more warmer.

Go outside either early morning or evening: It is also recommended that on very hot days you should limit your physical activity outdoors. Especially during the hot summers or the hottest time of the day.

If you normally exercise the outdoors, then it is wise, in these hot days you should move either early morning or very late in the evening. Still, if you are outside, then slow down and take your time as well.

Keep yourself more hydrated: Always keep a water bottle with yourself on these hot summers days. In the summers your water has lost from the body through sweating when the temperature rises.

You can also freeze a water bottle then keep it with you during the day. The ice will slowly melt as it also leaves an ice cold water to enjoy.

Keep yourself inside the home: If your house has air conditioners then you can stay cool inside. If you do not have an air conditioner then the alternative is that you can go to some malls and do shopping and watch movies for some time.


Eat less oily food: There are many people who eat healthy food but in small quantities. You should also eat more healthy and citrus fruits during the summer season. Make sure that you could avoid oily food.

During the hottest days of the year spread your meals out and eat less but more frequently. If you eat too much and then you get hot and maybe the risk of getting sick.

Turn off the light appliances that not necessary: You can turn off the lights that are not necessary for your comfort. You might be amazed at how much heat is generated by lights. Even the energy efficient light put some heat.

If you have several televisions and other media player appliances, make certain they are turned off. You should unplug or use a power strip to make certain appliances are completely off. It will not make a big difference but these devices use electricity and emit the heat.

How to Beat the Summer With Various Strategies

Brandon Hawkins

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