How to Boost Writing Skills When You Are in College

 Mia Stokes
  Jul 06, 2017

The transition from high school to college is a wonderful experience. As a student, you are in for new subjects, new teachers, new friends, and overall, a new experience. However, along with the wonder, you are supposed to put in more efforts and pass your semesters with a good score. Similar to how it was in high school, you are going to get a stream of writing assignments that you have to complete every week throughout the course year.

While an average student would depend on his/her writing skills that he/she honed while in high school, you should aim higher and take your writing to a new level. Because your college grades directly affect your professional career, you should be more careful on how you want to project yourself in front of professors. Only a mere 15% to 20% of college students receive an A in their assignments, so if you are someone who wants to enhance your academic scores, you have to improve your writing skills.

There are many ways in which you boost your writing skills, and today we are going to discuss the top tips that are specially tailored for college students:

Get the Basics Right

The most important aspect of good writing is proper grammar and punctuation. If you can’t tell adverbs from adjectives, you need to first learn the basics of grammar and writing. Punctuation is also very important, now that it has evolved to a whole different level. The Wren & Martin series will give you a great introduction to writing. Although it is something that is suggested to high school students, we believe that it should give you a great start.

If you already know the basics, then why not try your hand at The Elements of Style, the popular powerful style guide for American English writing.

Create Multiple Revisions

The first draft of a written work is almost never the best version. Yet most students submit the first drafts of their essays and research papers as their final submission. The more revisions you make the better your essay becomes.

Proofread, Always

Once you have taken care of the grammar and have worked on multiple revisions of your write-up, the next step is to edit it. Now, editing involves a lot of things like proofreading, formatting, paraphrasing, etc. Out of these, however, the most important part is checking the spellings of the words you have used. A reader will ignore a misplaced comma, but he will not do the same with a misspelled word. It not only is a sign of poor writing, but also a reason for the reader to not take you seriously.

Below shown is an infographic of the most misspelled words, created by Transparent Language. It shows how important it is to use a spell checker tool.

Use the Right Words

As a learning college student, you may have the keenness to use new words. You can use them all you want in your daily conversations with friends and family, but when you sample them in your assignment writing, you should exercise caution. The mark of a well-written content is proper diction. You should not use a new word just because it sounds fancy; instead, see if it fits right in the content, use it, and then move on.

In this regard, it is recommended that you use a dictionary and a thesaurus so that you know all the meanings of a word.

Engage in Reading

Lastly, one of the most important yet indirect elements of good writing is to incorporate reading into your daily schedule. As a college student, you will surely have tons of reading material as part of your course. But, the point is to not restrict yourself to academic reading only, but also other types of reading – ones that matter more.

You should spare time to read fiction, nonfiction, plays, news, and opinion articles about social causes and current affairs. A good writer must be a good reader if he wishes to produce great written work.

These are the top writing tips that you can follow as you start your college life. Get your basics right, revise your work by editing, and include reading in your daily habits – you will be a better writer than your peers.

How to Boost Writing Skills When You Are in College

Mia Stokes

My name is Mia and I live in Sydney. I find writing to be one, not just a hobby, passion or a fling, but creation, knowledge, history, is the entire world in words. It is something that I could not live without. Being a writer has helped know the world in a way that I could not imagine.

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