How To Buy A Large Wine Fridge

 Nivi Watson
  Mar 09, 2018

A large wine fridge becomes an essentiality sometimes and especially when you like to have your alcoholic beverage served chilled at home. Ice cubes are not enough and so you require storing your drinks in a proper fridge. However, buying the proper wine fridge definitely requires plenty of research and considerable planning. After all, you will want to have the fridge that has a good quality, looks good in your house, and also accommodates within your budget. Now, there is a variety in the brands and models of fridges available in the market. It is up to you to study and compare the different features of each fridge and understand the type you need.

In this article, you’ll find some tips and techniques that will surely help you in selecting the perfect wine fridge for you. Always remember that the price is important but that should not be the only factor for deciding the perfect large wine fridge for you.

Know the Difference Between Wine Fridge and Wine Cellar

Many people have confusion between the terms wine fridge and wine cellar. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the differences between the two.

A wine fridge is used for maintaining a constant temperature for the wine in order to keep it cool at all times. So, the wine is always ready for serving at home. A wine fridge is meant for short-term storage and consumption. So, the maximum time you can store your wine in it is for 1 year.

Wine cellars, on the other hand, is meant for long-term cooling and the wine is stored in it is not necessarily for the consumption. It can be stored for further sale.

For household purposes, it is better to opt for a large wine fridge, as that will suit your needs better.

Capacity and Price of The Fridge

You can have a great variety in the size, capacity, and price of the fridge. There are large wine fridges with capacity up to 100 to 200 bottles. In case you need a wine fridge for storing hundreds of bottles, you might consider getting a wine room.

Generally, you need to buy a wine fridge that has the capacity of holding at least twice the number of bottles you currently possess. If you’re fond of buying wine on a regular basis then you will surely fill up the space in no time.

The other important thing to consider is your budget. Although it is an established fact that the cheaper appliance you buy, the less reliable it turns out to be. But a large wine fridge might cost you around $1000 to $2000 (price may vary according to brands). So, if you’re tight on your budget, it is better to search for brands and companies that offers discount on your purchase.

Check the Temperature Control

For a decent cooling of alcohol, a temperature of 45o F to 65o F should be sufficient. But your fridge must provide you with cooling options between that particular range. Moreover, you can check whether the temperature control is digital or mechanical. Normally, a digital control is preferred as it is user-friendly and more accurate.

Check the Humidity Control

Wine storage experts say that wine should be kept at a humidity level between 50%-75%. Humidity levels beyond that range might lead to the following problems:

  • High Humidity- A high level of humidity (80% or more) will result in the development of mold as a coating on the label and cork.
  • Low Humidity-If the humidity is too low, then the cork on the bottles might dry up and develop cracks which will create gaps and will allow air into the bottle.

Also, check the defrost system. Automatic defrost option should be available in your fridge.

Shelves and Racks

Most of the wine fridges accommodate bottles of about 750ml. If you are in the habit of buying wine with designer bottles, then please check your refrigerator’s shelving system. Large wine fridges tend to be more expensive and they come with metal racks and wooden fronts. Although they are sturdier, they tend to take up more space and leave less room for bottles that are too wide.

There are a number of other things as well that you can consider before buying a large wine fridge. The above-listed points happen to be some of the main ones. You may also check the décor, color, and shape of your fridge that suits your purpose well.

How To Buy A Large Wine Fridge

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