How to Choose the Best Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala

 Premjith B P K
  Jun 10, 2018

The higher study is no longer a thing of the few. Every student out there aspires to further his/her studies and the education loans, financing services, scholarships, and funds are making these things way easier. Also, many foreign educational programs or overseas education programs are coming into existence nowadays, which are drawing more attention and inspiring students to avail them.

From sandwich programs with various countries to full-time courses as well as diploma and internship programs, the options are many. Most of the young students have this dream of availing these overseas education programs. But, only a few can actually avail them. It seems like, not knowing about the options or not knowing how to approach or proceed towards them is the main problem. This is where the education consultants come in. If you live in Kerala and want to take a course overseas in a foreign university or institute and you do not know where to start from, you need to search for overseas education consultants in Kerala.

Choosing the Best Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala:

With the increasing popularity of overseas education programs, the number of self-proclaimed education consultants is also increasing. Many a time, they are not professional and do not have any contact or collaboration of any sort and in the end, these consultants fail to help the students. However, the task of an overseas education consultant would be to cover all the needs of the student, including the application process, options, best choice, and up to arrange for the student visa.

So, here is a checklist that will help you to find the best study abroad consultants in Calicut, if you are planning to go for higher studies in a foreign country.

  1. Agency or Individual:

Rather than trusting an individual, it is always a good idea to go to an agency. Agencies have many consultants and depending on your field of specialization, you may get the best consultation.

  1. Age of the Agency:

This is really very important. Many agencies mushroom every day. But, very few manage to last for long. So, if you have chosen an agency that you think will be able to cater to your needs, look out for the years of its existence. The longer its age is, the more trustworthy it will be.

  1. Previous Records:

It is always a good idea to seek recommendations. If any student in your vicinity has managed to study abroad through an overseas education program that you know he/she has managed or arranged for through an agency, do not hesitate to visit them. in fact, recommendations in this field are seriously going to be of great help, as you will know that the agency or the consultants are capable of arranging for programs suited for your requirements, talents and academic pursuit.

If they can give you contact details of the students that they have helped previously, it would be the best way to know about their work. Also, in most cases, the reputed agencies and consultancy firms have former students in their firms, who will be able to guide you about your specialties in case of overseas learning.

  1. Alternative Options:

In case your GRE or TOEFL score is not up to the mark to get admission in your desired university, you need to make sure that the overseas education consultants in Kerala that you have chosen, is capable of offering some alternative options.

  1. Website:

A good education consultancy agency must have a website that will clearly state their areas of expertise, details of the institutes and universities that they refer and recommend their cut off marks and minimum qualification for applications and other such basic factors. The more detailed the websites are, the more trustworthy the consultancy would be.

  1. The extent of Help:

When you are looking for the best overseas education consultant, there are a number of roles and responsibilities that the consultant or the agent has to play. These would include arranging for the scholarships if any, arranging for the visa, arranging for the test preparations or mock tests or free online tests and so on and so forth. The more help they offer, the more trustworthy they are.

Be Careful with what you Choose:

Now that you have known about basic criteria for choosing the best study abroad consultants in Calicut, you should be careful with your search. In India, there are no governmental agencies or consultancy firms that do this job. So, you have to search for private arrangements that make things untrustworthy. So search wisely and decide carefully.

How to Choose the Best Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala

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