How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets for Your Rooms

 Nirdesh Singh
  Jun 12, 2018

What comes to your mind when you think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept on? If you are like many people, then it must have been in some fancy hotel somewhere and this is where most people get it all wrong. A lot of people enjoy the comfort of the hotel beds, yet they fail miserably at making their own beds as much comfortable. But one thing worth noting is that having a comfortable bed is not as difficult as rocket science, and all you need is a nice mattress, together with the right bedsheets like the Tuft & Needle sheets and you will be on your way to having great nights due to the increased comfort you shall have introduced in your bed. With that said, here is how you can excel at choosing the right bedsheets for your rooms-:

The materials of the bedsheet

The first secret to choosing the right bedsheets for your room is to have a very good understanding of the materials used in making the bedsheets. The nature of the material will have a direct impact on the quality of the bedsheets, its comfort level, its durability and the breathability. With cotton bedsheets, for example, they are known to trap a lot of heat and allows the air passing through them to cool making it the preferred bedsheet type during summer. A material like polyester, on the other hand, is known to also trap a lot of heat, but will not easily let it come out and it would be very uncomfortable using them in the hot months of summer. However, the will make a perfect fit for the winter months.

If you are interested in cotton bedsheets, then you should head away for the industry leaders such as Sea, Pima, and Egyptian cotton. These are the gold standards you and you will find them in leading stores such as Tufts& Needle and with them, you are guaranteed to have the right kinds of sheets that will serve you comfortably for a long period of time.

Sheets made of bamboo blends have also become popular in the recent years and they normally feature a blend of cotton and other materials. Since bamboo is naturally microbial and sustainable, such sheets are not just comfortable, but they are also known to sip up moisture thus making them highly recommended for many rooms.

There are also linen sheets you can consider for your rooms and these will do very well if you live in hot climate areas. This is because they have the ability to wick away the body heat and will thus come with a certain calming effect which will increase comfort during hot weathers. Though satin sheets are known for their glam and romantic feel, some people find them too warm and too slippery for their liking.

The Thread Count

The other important factor you have to consider when buying bedsheets for your home is the thread count. The thread count simply refers to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. As you might already guess, the thread count will have a direct impact on the quality of the bedsheet as well as on its durability. For most people, a higher thread is usually assumed to imply that the bedsheet is softer, but this is never the case. It is possible to have a bedsheet made from the fiber with a lower thread count being softer than a bedsheet made from Egyptian cotton with a higher thread count. The former will feel silkier than the latter, though it will be of a lower quality compared to the cotton bedsheets.

If all the other factors are kept constant, a bedsheet with higher thread count will always be more comfortable than those with lower thread count. It may be tempting to go for bedsheets with over 800 thread counts, but this is never advisable since you will do just fine with those having thread counts in the range 400 – 500. If the price is concerned, they always know that the extra thread count will not make a huge difference as far as comfort is concerned and you may end up spending more money for no reason. As a matter of fact, bedsheets with very high thread counts may tend to be stiffer since all threads are crammed so closely together.


Weave refers to the softness or crispness of the bedsheet and this is another factor worth considering when you are buying bedsheets for your rooms. If you prefer bedsheets with a little snap, then you will be better off going for percale which features plain weaves, but relatively supple satins. Percale sheets are normally bright and playful and they will always come with a certain unique comfort which will make you enjoy spending lots of time in your bed. You can check out Tufts & Needles sheets for a good collection of this type of sheets.

The Fit of the bedsheet

Of course, you are going to use the sheet on a bed with a definite size and this is why you have considering the fit of the bedsheet. If you buy a relatively smaller bedsheet, then every morning you will be fighting to have the sheet fit the bed and as usual, this is never desirable and will end up destroying the sheet after a short while. You should always strive to buy sheets that are of the correct sizes for the beds they will be used on. If you have standards bed, like a twinking or queen, then when making your purchase, you should look out for features such as elastic edges all the way around the sheet since this will enable you to easily fit the sheet onto the mattress.

If you have extra-long beds, like the California King for instance, then you will be better off going for nonstandard mattresses and non-standard bedsheets. A great variety of such can be found at Tufts & Needles bedsheet stores.

How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets for Your Rooms

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