How to choose the right kitchen style for you

 Patrick Mcginty
  Jul 26, 2018

Even in our modern, high-tech world, the kitchen is generally still very much at the heart of each and every home. It is the central hub of the home where family members will often congregate and is the most likely room throughout the home where conversation will take place as families sit down to enjoy dinner together, so it's importance to your home can't be ignored.

Up until relatively recently, the standard approach to choosing the right kitchen style for your home was to take your cue from the style of your home and mirror that. While this can work very well, over recent years, there has been increasing emphasis on thinking about what sort of overall style you want to create in your home and choosing a kitchen style to reflect that.

Whatever you choose, kitchen design typically falls into three main categories. Here’s what you need to know about the three main styles.

Traditional styles and traditional kitchens

If you’re all about showing off your individuality and creative side then a traditional kitchen may be the best choice for you. Traditional kitchens are all about architectural details and in this case architectural has a broader sense of meaning, which includes everything which is fixed in the space rather than just the actual bones of the room. The reason why many traditional kitchens are based on wood is because wood is the perfect material for creating architectural details such as carvings. Wood can also be used as a frame for other materials such as glass for cabinet doors. In a traditional kitchen, the sink tends to be the main feature (although is some ultra-traditional kitchens, it’s a range cooker or AGA).

Modern styles and modern kitchens

While the term “modern” (or contemporary) is generally open to interpretation, in the world of interior design, it tends to refer to the period from the early 20th century onwards. Technological and social developments led to a complete rethink of interior design and the ornate, detailed kitchens of old gave way to fully-fitted kitchens with clean lines, plain surfaces and restrained decoration (if any). Fundamentally, modern fitted kitchens are all about space saving and efficiency. Clean lines make it easy for a cook to move quickly from one working area to another (e.g. the famous sink/cooker/fridge triangle), while clean lines and restrained decoration are simple to wipe down and therefore promote good kitchen hygiene. Modern kitchens can be made out of wood (e.g. Shaker kitchens) but they are also commonly made out of 20th-century materials such as toughened glass.

Blended styles and transitional kitchens

Transitional kitchens can be whatever you want them to be, but they tend to have the clean lines of modern kitchens with the sort of detailing seen in traditional kitchens, creating a unique hybrid of the two styles. For example, a transitional kitchen might be based on Shaker cabinets, which combine the traditional element of wood with the simplicity of the modern style, but some of the cabinets could be painted either in a block colour or stenciled round the edges and/or have ornate handles.

The key to a successful transitional kitchen is to think about what you want to show versus what you want to hide. For example, your everyday pots and pans might not be that attractive, so you’d put them in a base cabinet with a solid front, but if you have some lovely crockery then you might well be very happy to have it displayed on open shelves or a glass-fronted cabinet.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your kitchen style; it really does depend on your personal taste and the look and style of your home. It is important to consider all aspects and to do adequate research to make sure that they final decision you make is the right one for you, as going back on this decision once you've upgraded you kitchen can be very costly.

How to choose the right kitchen style for you

Patrick Mcginty

Tara Neil are kitchen and bedroom specialists, specialising in bespoke fitted kitchens and accessories to bedroom suites and custom furniture from their showroom in Woodley, Reading.

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