How to choose the right Wordpress Ecommerce theme for your eShop?

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  Feb 28, 2018

With the advent of the internet, online shopping has become one of the popular means to shop anything, anytime, right from the comfort of your home or office. Whether you are looking to buy clothes, electronics or anything, online shopping can avoid the hassle of visiting physical stores and also save your time.

Undoubtedly shopping online is easy, but opening an eShop is not as easy as it seems. Getting customers to your websites who will make the purchase is a little tricky and challenging. Yet, you can make it easy by choosing the right Wordpress E-commerce theme. Undoubtedly, for an e-commerce store, Wordpress theme will certainly be your best bet.

How? Let’s dive into this post -

Choosing the Right Wordpress e-commerce theme for your e-shop

When it comes to choosing the right Wordpress e-commerce theme for your e-shop, you have myriad options to choose from ranging from free to premium. This can be both overwhelming and liberating, if not totally confusing. The Wordpress theme you choose for your e-shop represents your business and also enhances the identity of your brand. Therefore, in most cases, it is wise to keep it simple, keeping only important features useful for the website.

Look for Simplicity

When looking for Wordpress theme, you may come across themes with flashy animations, complicated layout, colors, etc. In a few cases, you might need these things, but honestly, not all are required. Besides flashy content can distract the users and also make the website unnecessarily heavy which increases the site loading time.

When choosing right Wordpress theme for your e-shop, you need to look for simplicity. The theme you choose should have perfect design layout. It should look and feel modern. But, strictly don’t compromise with usability and simplicity. Remember, an easy to navigate theme always encourages more browsing time which amplifies the chances of user making a purchase.

Need of Responsiveness

Gone are the days when ‘responsiveness of the website’ was optional. Today, with the growing use of tablets and smartphones, going responsive has become more than just a ‘need.’ This is the reason, every e-shop owner is switching to the mobile-friendly and responsive theme. Luckily, most of the free wordpress e-commerce themes are responsive by default. Because the world is going mobile, it is important that your website theme looks good on those devices.

If you choose a WordPress theme that is mobile-friendly and highly responsive, there is a good chance you’ll attract more customers and sell more products.

Supported Plugins

free wordpress e-commerce themes. The plugins can help you to do anything you need to do with your Wordpress e-shop website. You’ll get hundreds of Wordpress plugins and you can choose the plugins that are useful for your online store. Some of the popular plugins are W3 Total Cache, Gravity forms, Yoast SEO and more.

Always choose a Wordpress theme for your e-shop that supports all tools and plugins.

Compatibility with different browsers

With so many browsers out there, you never know which browser your visitor will be using. It’s possible that while a theme looks amazing on one browser, it may not look as good in some other other browsers. This is the peak where browser compatibility strikes in. When you choose a Wordpress theme, don’t forget to check it on different browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. Make sure it can load effortlessly on all and promises that ‘compatibility’.

Support Option

When looking for Wordpress theme, you may get several support options. Some themes are with it and others are without. So, when choosing one from free Wordpress e-commerce themes, make sure it comes with support option and also along with documentation.

Reviews and Rating

Don’t forget to see reviews and ratings when choosing a WordPress theme for your eshop. Check out the reviews left by previous customers and see if they are satisfied or not.

The best e-commerce plugins for WordPress

E-commerce plugins can help any WordPress website transform into e-commerce store in just a few clicks. A sound plugin provides a system for handling customer account, managing your inventory, product pages, providing shipping information, storing orders, and checkout process.

By using the right plugin, you can even offer promotions and discounts to amplify sales. Moreover, the best plugins can be enhanced by installing a number of add-ons that have been designed for them. There is a wide range of plugins for WordPress for adding e-commerce functionality to your store. The two popular among those are -

  • WooCommerce

If you are looking for an ideal Wordpress plugin for an e-commerce platform, look no further than WooCommerce. This is a popular plugin that forms 32% of the e-commerce market share. Till date, it hosts more than 1,70,000 websites that can only be expected to rise in the upcoming year.

  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

If you are dealing with digital products like music, eBooks, or other files, then EDD is good to go with. This is simple and lightweight to use that helps you sell digital goods online. Moreover, it also enables you to see your profits as well as sales because of interactive tables and graphs. This also integrates with payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal for collecting payments.

To sum-up

WordPress offers a number of free wordpress e-commerce themes. These themes are easy to set-up and customize, right from the layout to shipping. WordPress is a popular platform to build and design all sorts of websites. Make sure your e-commerce theme complements your website and the content.

When it comes to customization, no one can beat the power of WordPress. Whether it is plugins or themes, with this platform you have the world at your fingertips. You can create unique websites because of its simple and plain versatility.

WordPress keeps the needs of the users in mind and also understand that one size doesn’t fit all. It is a versatile, scalable, and flexible platform that also takes care of the security, user needs, and all other aspects. Therefore, it has become a popular choice for many e-commerce platforms. No doubt, this is one of the most appreciated CMS platforms entrepreneurs choose for their e-shop.

How to choose the right Wordpress Ecommerce theme for your eShop?

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