How to Clean Ping Pong Your Paddle?

 Lisa Richie
  Feb 27, 2018

You have a brand new ping pong paddle and you are completely thrilled about it – it feels new, fresh and amazing!

Of course, this sounds good, but you must also realize that in order to ensure that it is in perfect shape, you need to take good care of it too. You need to ensure that you clean the paddle well, regularly and in the right process. So, for all those who are looking forward to ways to clean their ping pong paddle, here are some amazing ideas. You are definitely going to find them useful.

Whenever the ball touches the playing surface or it hits the surface, the racket gets dirty. It gathers oil, grime and dirt. If you are playing on a regular basis, there is a tendency of dirt and filth to collect in the paddle. If there is too much buildup in the playing surface, it will not just interrupt your game, but it will also cause damage to the ping pong paddle. Thus, it is quite important to keep cleaning the paddle time and again. If you clean the surface of the paddle on a regular basis, you will be able to ensure long life of the paddle and ensure that it is in great condition for a long time.

How To Clean –

clean a paddle

You need a small dish and fill this with clear water. There are many solutions available in the stores which claim to be cleaning solutions for the racket but they might be really harmful. Thus, the best option is to use clear water. You can use distilled water as well which is at room temperature. This is easily available everywhere. Thus, no matter where you are, you can easily clean your paddle quite effectively and regularly.

Next, you will need a small piece of sponge. You can dip this sponge into the water. Squeeze well and remove excessive water from the sponge. You need to have the sponge wet enough so that it is able to remove dirt and dust from the surface when it is rubbed. If there is excessive water in the paddle, it will slowly seep into the wood. The racket shall start swelling and it might get damaged. Thus, you need to ensure that there is right quantity of liquid in the sponge.

You can then hold the paddle with its handle. Its head shall be facing the floor. Start with an edge of the paddle. You will slowly wipe using one damp sponge. You will use it from the base of this head and move it towards the top. You will wipe in a straight line motion. This movement is quite similar to that of shaving. If you are able to successfully do this kind of movement, it will help in preventing the gathering of dust. It will be easily removed from the rubber section.

You will be repeating the movement, till one side of the paddle is cleaned well. You can again move the racket and you can also clean slowly the other side. While you do the cleaning, you can also rest the paddle on table. If there is no table, you can place the paddle on any surface which is clean. Let the paddle dry completely. Once you have cleaned the paddle, you can easily place one plastic cover on this rubber surface. You can put this back in the case.

Use Chemical Free Liquid –

If you wish, you can use just two drops of any dishwashing liquid that doesn’t contain any chemicals or harsh ingredients. This will help in removing oily natured substance from the paddle or the surface of the rubber. It is generally difficult to remove oily substances with water only. Thus, when you use any dishwashing liquid, it will help in keeping the rubber sparkling clean.

Clean The Rubber Regularly –

Players should remember that they need to clean the surface of the rubber on a regular basis. If the rubber is not clean, you will lose your grip. There are many players who clean the surface of the rubber after every game they play. It helps in ensuring great comfort and durability of the paddle.

How to Clean Ping Pong Your Paddle?

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