How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

 Donna Henso
  Jul 22, 2017

Can you recall the last date that you gave your swimming pool a good and thorough scrub leaving it sparkly clean? If you cannot, then most definitely your pool is desperately in need of one right now and we all know why you have not warmed up to the idea of doing it. Most people will tell you that it is not equally exciting to clean a pool as it is to swim in one. If we are honest, then we can agree that that statement is true.

Pardon me but let us speak openly. Humans are naturally lazy, and we slack from time to time, that is the essence of being human. The truth is however out there, and we have seen it with our own eyes by taking a casual glance at the state of our pools. They are deteriorating slowly, and we all know that it is not a matter of if, but when we will no longer be able to swim any longer in these coveted pools.

Cleaning the swimming pool is one of the 3 Cs that every pool owner or user should be aware of. The other include chemicals and circulation. With the right attitude and the right equipment, one can put in place a strategy to ensure that the swimming pool is always in tip top condition and sparkly cleaned.

Reasons to clean your swimming pool

This may be gross to most of us, but as you can imagine, scientists have come up with a method to determine the amount of urine in a swimming pool. This is 100% true. Peeing in the swimming pool has become commonplace today. As a matter of fact, high profile swimmers have admitted to doing this in rigorous training sessions. The swimmers argue that chlorine kills the urine. Unfortunately, this is unscientific, and the pee reacts with Chlorine creating a chemical that is now categorized as a risk factor for asthma.

When urea in a swimmers pee reacts with Chlorine in water, a substance known as trichloramine is made. This chemical is explosive and therefore dangerous. These chemicals and others formed as byproducts of the reaction between Chlorine and the organic dirt in the swimming pool can be blamed for eye and upper airway irritation amongst swimmers. This information proves that there was never a better time to maintain cleanness in our swimming pools.

How to clean a swimming pool

That discussed, there are several designs in swimming pools, and we need to know how to clean all of them. When it comes to cleaning the swimming pool, the pool cleaner is and should be your tool of choice. This is one of the most efficient tools in your arsenal. However, it is not just any kind of pool cleaner: an automated pool cleaner, or what is popularly known as a robotic pool cleaner.

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Robotic pool cleaner for inground pool and above ground pool are now readily available for sale in shops and equipment stores. These cleaners are sold in three popular family types: pressure-side, suction-side and robotic. The robotic cleaners are without a doubt the best amongst the three family types of pool cleaners.

Imagine the bliss of the robotic cleaner running on electricity so that you do not have to run the filter while it is cleaning. It is for this reason that the robotic cleaners are the best pool cleaner, hands down. Robotic cleaners use suction as opposed to water pressure and can therefore effectively pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of any pool.

The above ground swimming cleaner allows us to sit back and relax as the robotic unit does all the laborious work of cleaning. The cleaner can easily keep the water free from dirt and provide swimmers with a clean and pleasant environment to swim and enjoy themselves as intended. These cleaners are designed to have optimum utility when the pool pump is large enough as this provides sufficient vacuum pressure for faster operation.

An automatic inground pool cleaner is powerful for the task at hand that requires it to handle curves, slopes, and transitions. A substantive amount of drive train power is required for suction and for the robot to climb steep inclines and maintain a flat position. Inground pool cleaners are well equipped, in fact, they come with longer hoses than their above ground models.

As seen, no one needs to shy away from cleaning their swimming pool because it is as easy as illustrated. Just set aside a small budget and commit yourself to buying a robotic cleaner that you deserve and watch as your swimming pool comes back to full health.

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

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