How to create a Good Product for the Electronics Market

 Jared Davidson
  May 14, 2018

Presentations of new gadgets of Apple, Samsung, and other brands are only a visible part of an iceberg, which hides human-decade work of people from different specializations: engineers, programmers, designers, logisticians, managers of various levels, sellers and so on. It may seem that the main concept is fairly simple and understandable: there would be an idea, a good team, and sufficient funding. Advertising is crucial as well (read more). However, not all so simple if you immerse in the world of project development. The process of making a good product overcomes a lot of stages before hitting the market.

Stage 1: Analysis

Different specialists have various names for this phase: ‘Calculations’, ‘Projecting’, ‘Collecting requirements’. Some companies immediately start from a technical task, written by the experienced engineer, others work on planning and elaboration for devilishly long. Why is this immensely crucial? The reasons are simple:

1. Budget planning. Typically, the product producing process is quite long and it will be unpleasant if after 8-9 months of investment you suddenly run out of money. Mature companies and product managers have their own planning technologies for new inventions and banks even accept them as guarantees for loans.

2. Optimization of the cost price. If you produce 50 thousand devices per year, it will be useful to save every dollar in the cost of the device.

3. Control. During the development of any product, thousands of people have connected directly or indirectly: component suppliers, engineers, marketers, factory workers, etc. The tasks will need to be done by the right people at the right time.

The main task of the analysis phase is to define a clear vision, which will work on the next stages and synchronizes it with other participants as necessary. You should take into account the issues of customers, cost, requirements of production sites, project plans, contractual obligations, budgets, financing, executors, authorizing and certifying documents, choice of materials and components.

The final stage of the analysis phase is the preparation of the technical assignment, where we define the functional and non-functional requirements for the product, pay attention to the technical design and create sketches of the device.

Phase 2: Development

As a rule, an electronic product consists of the following components, which are made by the engineering department:




-Production technologies.

Typically, the intermediate result of the development phase are prototypes of the device. The process of assembling them is generally a whole other story. From around the globe, one-hundredth of the components are delivered to one location on the map, each packed in a separate parcel.

After the assembly, samples are taken for testing. Based on its results, we can repeat the entire process once again to fix the issues or to understand the relevance of this product on the market. This might take you a year. Most of the professionals claim that this process is relatively quicker if the company invests more in proper testing.

Stage 3: Mass testing

In our reality, prototypes are made with equipment for mass production under other technologies. For example, plastic is milled or grown since creating an injection mold is a long and costly stage. The main goal of all tests is to make sure that the product is ready and that customers want it. This completes the development phase. The next step is making products for mass production.

Stage 4: Production

In electronics, as a rule, devices are developed for a specific production, because it ties up technological processes, the supply of components, logistics, contracts, etc. Otherwise, at the stage of production, we will have to determine the technological processes, the supply chain, work on logistics, and conclude all of this in a clear plan.

Stage 5: Mass production and delivery

In reality, production is an everyday solution to different issues. But all problems can be sorted out, so sooner or later everything starts working and after that, the focus is shifted to measuring the quality of the finished product.

How to create a Good Product for the Electronics Market

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