How to Create an Ebook with a Designrr

 Mathew Jade
  Jun 27, 2019


Throughout history, people have used different mediums to educate themselves. A few years ago, you could declare paper books as the most popular medium of learning. However, today it is a different deal. The eBooks seem to have overridden paper books. Of late, they have grown by leaps and bounds in popularity. The young generation is particularly drawn towards them. Be it a park, platform, bus or any such public place, we see young students all around us glued to their mobile screens reading eBooks.

If you are wondering why eBooks have suddenly become the order of the day, consider these seven reasons:

1. The overwhelming growth of the digital world

Naturally, the rise of eBooks is correlated with the rise of the tech industry. These days, almost every student has a smartphone. That’s the number one reason why we are witnessing unreal growth in the usage of eBooks. To quote the exact numbers, about 95% of teens have an easy access to mobile. So, the use of everything related to the digital world has grown and the case of eBooks is no different.

eBook design works as an appealing factor. So if a publisher knows how to create an eBook with a designrr, the sales are sure to upscale.

2. eBooks are more compatible

There are times when one wants to read a book but somehow surroundings don’t allow one to do so. For example, you are sitting at a place having dim light and suddenly you feel like reading something. Of course, that’s not an ideal place to read a paper book. But that’s not how things stand with an eBook. eBooks take the factor of darkness out of the equation.

Besides, we face the issue of print quality in paper books and sometimes it could be so irritating. Imagine you are in the middle of the suspense of a novel and everything is blurred in front of your eyes. With eBooks, such problems have ceased to exist. You can zoom-in and zoom-out the text accordingly.

3. Highly accessible

Regardless of how busy we were, there were times when we had to steadfast to a bookstore to buy a book. On top of that, we never knew whether or not we would get what we were really looking for. So wasting time was quite a commonplace. No good old days for sure. Finally, eBooks have provided us a much-needed relief from all this hazard.

Today, there are tons of books available on the internet in every category. In fact, one reason why eBooks have become so much sought-after is because of the availability of content. All you need is just a Wi-Fi connection and you can read the books of your liking without leaving your house even for a minute.

That’s probably why old people are shifting towards eBooks because they are the ones who have a hard time going out. In the U.S. alone, about 15 percent of people over 65 years read eBooks.

4. eBooks save your money

How many times you have stepped into a book store and the words fell from your mouth “so many books, so little money”? eBooks have made life so much easier since they don’t fall heavy on your pocket. Often when we order a paper book, we have to pay for shipping at the same time. eBooks free you from this burden because shipping does not take place at all.

An experiment was conducted some time ago, where prices between ebooks and paper books were compared. No wonder eBooks costed much less. With every new release, eBooks are getting even cheaper.

5. Easily portable

If you happen to be a travel-geek then you would have faced this issue at some point. Travelers usually have a habit of carrying books to while away their boredom during the journey. But, before eBooks emerged on the scene, they had to content themselves with only a few books because they added into their weight.

However, today a single lightweight smartphone can contain hundreds of books. So no need to burden yourself with dozens of books for a single trip. What’s more, unlike paper books, it does not even occupy space. Students can literally tuck in their entire syllabus in their pocket. With eBooks at your disposal, there is no need to reserve a sizeable portion of your house for the library.

6. Saves the environment

The growing concerns about climate change have contributed in making eBooks more popular than ever. The public knows that severe consequences await them if they don’t pay attention to saving trees. This awareness has to lead us to prefer eBooks over printed books.

Some people would argue that paper can be recycled but this recycling process itself is a source of pollution. So by shifting to eBooks, readers feel that they are playing their part to make the world a better place to live.

7. Everything in one place

Well, that’s the story of every reader. We keep one book next to our pillow, the other in our bag, one book on the study table, the other in the drawer. Out of the blue, we want to read something but by the time we find that book, we lose our appetite for reading. To sum up, things are never compact with paper books. eBooks are not like that. You find every book ever so subtly gathered in one place. With all your learning material consolidated in just one device, the distraction will be at its bare minimum.

How to Create an Ebook with a Designrr

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