How To Create Powerful Backlinks from Tumblr

 Anish Sah
  Jun 13, 2017

Are you wondering what Tumblr is and how it can be the major source of high quality backlinks to your money site? Well, just like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, Tumblr is a blog networking site. The only difference is that the backlinks from major social networking sites are NO-FOLLOW, while the backlinks from Tumblr are DO-FOLLOW. I'm sure you already know what NO-FOLLOW and DO-FOLLOW backlinks are. If you don't, here's a small quation that helps you understand what they really mean:

DO-Follow backlinks = Contribute to higher ranking + Traffic (Noticed by Search Engines)

NO-Follow backlinks = Contribute to Traffic only (Not noticed by Search Engines)

So, this is where Tumblr plays an important role in driving traffic, while helping you achieve higher rankings too.

It’s worth noting that the Domain Authority, DA of Tumblr is 98, and to get a backlink from DA 98 is really of worth.

So, here are the steps you need to follow:


Go to and register for a free account with Tumblr.

IMPORTANT: While signing up, choose a username that matches your niche or keyword.

Here's why:

The link to your new Tumblr blog is going to be in this format:

I would choose a username like “gofishing”, or “happyfishing” or “fishingtipsandtricks” if I were to create a Tumblr blog related to “Fishing”.

Remember, one relevant backlink carries more value than 100,000 irrelevant backlinks.


Optimize your Tumblr blog posts for SEO and get a link juice to your website.

Now that your Tumblr blog is set up and a theme installed, it’s time to add some quality and relevant “Text Posts”. Do not forget that Google rewards only high quality contents and flags spun contents. I've seen internet marketers using spun contents to post on tumblr blogs, which was a good practice few years back. Now, Google is smart and can easity find out spun contents and slam your blog to a place where no one is going to find it.


  • Use your keyword in the title.
  • Post a minimum of 300 words (unique) SEO Blog Post.
  • Use keywords in the blog post. Don't keyword stuff or use keywords unnaturally. Make it as natural as possible. Use LSI Keywords if possible.
  • Use your primary keyword (you want to rank your website) in the first 50 words of the post and add a link back to the home page or any informational page of your authority page.
  • Add relevant images.

And the most important of all, GET RID OF TUMBLR REDIRECTS. Tumblr redirects are the latest updates from Tumblr that isn’t going to send necessary link juice to your website.

A quick note here:

The Tumblr blog you just created has a DA of 98, but the PA is 1. If you go on posting at least 2 blogs posts per week on your Tumblr blog for 2 months, the PA is sure to go up and the value of backlinks from your Tumblr account is going to boost your site’s ranking.

BUT, there is one method that you can register with Tumblr blogs having a PA more than 30!

It’s called “Expired Tumblr Domains” and this video tutorial will guide you on exactly how you can find expired Tumblr domains.

Pro Tips for getting the most out of this technique:

Make it a habit to use Tumblr. You can just rewrite a few hundred words on your original blog post (on your website) and post it on Tumblr. It will hardly take some 30 minutes to create a 300 words blog post on Tumblr with a link back to your website.

Follow a lot of blogs in your niche, like their posts, and if it’s highly relevant to your blog, simply “re-blog them” to your wall. This will make your Tumblr blog active and you’ll even start to see traffic from Tumblr to your website.

How To Create Powerful Backlinks from Tumblr

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