How to Create Unique Content on the Web: Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

 Nelma Lumme
  Apr 07, 2017

Whatever type of content you are creating, plagiarism is always an issue when it comes to being creative. There are so many people out there doing exactly what you are doing, and sometimes it’s easy to get plagiarism flags for no good reason.

To understand what plagiarism is, we have to define it, and put simply, plagiarism is copied content. Content that looks exactly the same as on some other website is bound to be taken without consent, right? Sometimes plagiarism can be unintentional, and that’s why tools are created in order to prevent this type of problems. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you can use to avoid plagiarism and create unique content on the web.

Duplichecker: This simple online tool comes in the form of a free plagiarism checker. All you have to do is sign up and insert whatever content you want to check for plagiarism flags before posting it online. If you don’t sign up, your daily check is limited to one, and that’s basically the only restriction you have – there are no premium plans to speak of. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive plagiarism checking tool, Duplichecker is just the right thing for you.

Plagium: A more refined and upgraded tool than the previous one, Plagium offers a more in-depth analysis of your content. The tool is very easy to use and can scan huge numbers of words and content very easily and efficiently, giving you a range of options and data to work with.

Keep in mind that free options at Plagium are rather limited compared to Duplichecker, but the benefits are worth the 0.04$ or 0.08$ you will pay per page for your plagiarism analysis. If you need a more professional approach to plagiarism analysis, this might just be the tool for you.

Grammarly: Regarded as one of the best plagiarism tools out there, Grammarly has all the tools you would ever need for professional content analysis. It can not only detect plagiarism and flag any content that seems suspicious, but it can also improve your writing by adding new words and suggestions to your already existing content.

Among others, proofreading and error fixing are also some of the many examples of why Grammarly is held in such high regard as one of the best plagiarism tools out there. Just imagine the content you can create if you combine such a tool with a professional writing service such as Pick the Writer and create truly amazing content that will surely make you unique on the web.

Article Checker: One of the simplest and intuitive tools on the web, Article Checker has all the tools you need for basic plagiarism checking. The tool is so simple to use in the fact that you don’t even need to log in or subscribe to anything in order to use it. You can even copy and paste content on the site without uploading anything, allowing you to spare precious time and check content quickly and efficiently. While not as professional as some of the other tools we have looked at, Article Checker is most certainly the most approachable one and offers plagiarism checking without any added hustle.

Small SEO Tools: This is one of the “all-in-one” tools that allow a plethora of options for content creators. Small SEO Tools is a collection of online tools that allows targeted and smart plagiarism analysis in order to improve your content in the best way possible. You can not only detect any potential plagiarism flags, but also upgrade your SEO optimization, vocabulary, text structure, and so forth. It’s free of any cost and very intuitive to use – simply copy your text onto the website and start checking your content.

Plag Scan: As one of the more professional plagiarism tools on the web, Plag Scan offers a more hands-on approach to checking your content. This is due to the fact that customer support and online professionals are always a click away and ready to help you out if you get stuck. You can use Plag Scan not only for online content plagiarism checking but also in order to create something better out of it using advanced tools at your disposal online. There is a free trial for you to consider if Plag Scan is the right thing for you before you apply for a subscription program that allows even more advanced features and support.

Paper Rater: Last but not least, Paper Rater is an approachable tool that allows you to avoid plagiarism in any form of content you might be creating. It allows a free trial with basic tools such as grammar checking and plagiarism detection, but for an ad-free and rich experience, you will have to opt for a subscription plan. While Paper Rater might not be the tool you are looking for specifically, it has all the options of a professional content analysis platform. Give it a try before you dismiss it as just another online plagiarism tool.


The options at your disposal are truly numerous when it comes to plagiarism tools. The truth is that all of them work exactly as advertised, but it’s up to you to find out which one is just perfect for you. A great personal balance of intuitive interface, affordable pricing, and speed of analysis will be the deciding factors. Don’t be afraid of checking out more than a few of these tools in your search for the perfect one – once you settle in, it will be easy to switch to anything else.

How to Create Unique Content on the Web: Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

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