How to Efficiently Plan and Manage Testing Projects

 Junaid Ahmed
  Apr 19, 2019

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Efficiently Plan and Manage Testing Projects

Project planning is the backbone of test planning and management. The quality of planning determines if the testing project will be a success or not. Project planning helps us allocate tasks to each member of the testing team. This ensures the systematic and progressive flow of any project, thus ensuring that it is completed on time. Inaccurate or shady project planning can result in poor results and even huge monetary loss. Also, if the project planning is not done right, it can affect your customers as well as the quality of the testing project.

So, now the question is, how should you plan and manage your testing projects?

Tips to efficiently plan and manage testing projects

planning and managingBelow are some tips on how to efficiently plan and manage testing projects:

Carefully Analyze the Project

It is crucial to understand the selected product inside out. This helps you determine a few important points, like the materials needed to handle the project at hand, the manpower needed to ensure you finish the work within the stipulated period, and so on. Additionally, careful analysis of the testing work helps establish a reasonable work plan that ensures the project is delivered as designed in the blueprint.

Structuring the Test Strategy

The next important aspect of managing and planning test projects is structuring how you intend on handling the selected project. Here, you will define the scope of test strategy and the legal documents you need to handle the defined project. Consequently, the estimated cost of handling the test project is determined in this step. The tools, methods and the techniques going to be handled in this process are also stipulated here.

Tools that will be of Help

In the initial stages of test planning, it would be useful to make use of Google Sheets or Excel to create a systematic and organized plan of how you would like your test to proceed. Trello is also useful to communicate your ideas and expectations as well as the deadlines you have in mind with your coworkers. LambdaTest is a free cross browser testing tool that would definitely come to your aid. It operates across all browsers and operating systems, and so can be used by anybody.

Writing down the Objectives you wish to Attain

Every project has an objective that should be attained in the end. These objectives guide teams on the activities to be handled. The objectives you write down give you a hint as to what to expect to attain upon completion of the testing project. Additionally, the objectives of a test project help determine if a project is going as planned or if there is any problem. These objectives can be penned down in terms of test cases.

Defining the Test Criteria

The test criteria can be defined as a metric, parameter or a set of predefined rules which a tested judgment is based on. There are two main ways of defining a test criterion. It can be through exit criteria or suspension criteria. Exit criteria work on a targeted result at the end of the testing process. On the other hand, suspension criteria entail suspending the entire testing process until the testing team has discovered a couple of failed cases.

Efficient Planning of Resources

As we all know, resources are limited and must be properly utilized. Well, a good project test manager should learn how to utilize the available resources while handling the selected project. Additionally, a good project test manager should allocate the available resources to the available teams so that it doesn’t halt any process of handling the testing project.

Testing Environment

In certain cases, testing projects are sensitive and should be handled in a specific environment. Therefore, you should analyze the sensitivity of a project and find a suitable location for your intended project. This aspect is vital before commencing the project as it determines if your project finds the needed stability or if you are likely to encounter problems in the future.

Schedule an Estimate

These two aspects are vital to the planning and management of any project. As we all know, time is money. Testing projects require a lot of resources before they are complete. Therefore, you should come up with a work schedule/plan to help estimate the duration it will take to handle a specific project. Choose a reasonable schedule so that you don’t hurry the project and ruin its quality in the process.

Work with Deadlines

Finally, deadlines must be adhered to when handling any project. Some testing projects are often urgent and must be completed within the stipulated time or they will be deemed irrelevant. Delivering work within the stipulated period also makes you a good planner and test project manager.

To sum up, testing projects should be handled as per the specific conditions required by each project. Being particular with the steps mentioned above can help developers and testers deliver testing projects efficiently and effectively.

How to Efficiently Plan and Manage Testing Projects

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