How To Get Mental Health Insurance And Use It Wisely

 Evie Lester
  Aug 30, 2018

Mental health services can often be wallet burdening, whether a patient suffers from a prolonged disease or a short-term health condition. Unfortunately, if a patient doesn’t have any mental health insurance, he/she might go through mere frustration. The burden of paying the health care bills will only add more to the ongoing stressful time. According to research:

“About 66% of the Americans would struggle to fund a $1,000 medical emergency”.

Now that you about the importance of behavioral health insurance, you should know about the useful resources that could provide you with the mental health insurance. Read along to discover the essential information about how to get mental health insurance:

The Medicaid Program

The Medicaid program serves as an upright source for assistance. However, a patient needs to meet the income and eligibility criteria for the Medicaid program.

Interestingly, each state runs Medicaid programs individually, making the benefits vary from state to state. In addition, some states offer the behavioral and mental health coverage within the medical health insurance plan.


The Medicare program comes into handy for the patients of 65 years of age and older. This program offers specific behavioral and mental health benefits for inpatient treatment.

Considering the individual parts of Medicare plan, if you happen to have a Medicare Advantage plan (part C), you will have to check your plan for determining various mental health benefits.

Employee Assistance Plans

Many employers offer behavioral and mental health benefits bundled in an Employee Assistance Program. The employer pays all the benefits, and an issue for which a person seeks help doesn’t need to be work-related.

The Employee Assistance Plans often don’t offer long-term treatment. A mental health professional assesses a patient’ mental health, and if the Employment Assistance Plan isn’t sufficient to resolve an issue, then the professionals provide that patient with referrals.

Veteran Benefits

Fortunately, those who have served in the military can avail advantage from the Veteran health benefits program. This program includes mental health benefits. In addition, the Virginia offers exclusive mental health programs for people who have served in the Armed forces.

Behavioral and Mental Health Benefits within a Health Insurance Plan

A health insurance plan often comes with a mental health insurance. However, if your insurance plan hasn’t listed the mental insurance benefits, then you can check the behavioral health benefits section for mental health benefits.

Having said, it’s better to search and avail benefits rather than spending some extra bucks for the same perks. Many people tend to find insurance plans that serve as a one-stop solution for various situations.

It’s wise to go through all the terms, policy, and service offering of a particular insurance plan before eventually settling for it. An insurance plan that comes with mental insurance coverage can be beneficial, saving the hard-earned cash effectively.


If you’re suffering from a severe health condition that’s interfering into your work, then you’re eligible for the Disability benefits. The disability benefits don’t come with health insurance, but you can become eligible for the health insurance if you receive disability benefits for about two years. Fortunately, you don’t need to be of 65 years for claiming the Medicare through this way.

In addition, being disabled you become eligible for Medicaid program that includes the mental health benefits offered by the State’s Medicaid program. However, disability could be a long, complex, and tough process, and should be chosen only if a patient is suffering from a severe mental issue.


Almost every person at some point in the life face behavioral health issues. The health insurance plan comes into handy and rids a person from the hefty bills. However, claiming insurance itself is a tiresome task, and patients often have to go through complex processes and hectic to avail insurance coverage. Fortunately, the insurance claim management companies provide a patient with peace of mind and deal with all the hectic for a patient.

How To Get Mental Health Insurance And Use It Wisely

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