How to get rid of Lizards: Ultimate Home Remedies

 Kevin Brown
  Jun 07, 2019

We are facing the same problem that how to get rid of Lizard. We would like to share some of the best remedies to escape this problem but before that, a little bit about the Lizards. They are the most diverse reptiles in the world. Roughly, 2,700 species exist on this earth right now. Not all lizards are poisonous. Only the Beaded Lizard and the Gila monster are poisonous.


The lizards are found in the houses, the lizards seem to be very dangerous. Although the Lizards in houses are not poisonous, people are scared of them. Their look is also behind your fear. They create a hassle in your house. Remove your fear from now; we give some best lizard repellent to get rid of Lizards.

How to Get Rid of Lizard with the Best Lizard Repellent

Lizards are the reason behind the nuisance in the house. Lizards are beneficial to some extent. They eat all types of small insects. Though they are good for our house, yet we don’t like them due to their appearance. There are many Lizards repellents available in the market but these can harm you. So, how to get rid of Lizard with the best lizard repellents? Look at below some effective home remedies.

Use Garlic:

If you are not aware of how to get rid of Lizard? Garlic is the best home remedy to get rid of Lizards. It works effectively against the Lizards. Lizards cannot tolerate the smell of garlic; as a result, they can’t wander around that area. Try at home. Hang the garlic where the lizards stay the most.

Use Coffee powder:

You are not aware of this remedy. It is a good way to redeem you from Lizard. To prepare the coffee powder, make a ball using the combination of tobacco and coffee powder. Place these balls in every hidden place of the Lizards. They will either die after eating this powder or change the place.

Use Onion:

If you don’t have any knowledge of how to get rid of Lizards no need to go outside. Onion is a fantastic way to keep the Lizards away from your house. Sulphur in onion leaves a bad odor that helps drive out Lizard from the house. Lizard can’t stand against the pungent smell of onion. Place onion each nook of the house to keep you away from Lizard. You can hang onions where they hide the most.

Use Cold Water:

It is a very simple way to repel lizards. When you find the Lizard in front of you, sprinkle cold water on it. The sudden attack makes lizard subconscious for a while. Take this advantage and throw it out of the house.

Pepper Spray:

How to get rid of Lizard? Don’t worry, we have pepper spray. Pepper spray is a very effective remedy to keep you away from lizard. It is made of black pepper and water. Sprinkle this spray all around the house. Pepper spray irritates lizard a lot.

Use peacock Feather:

Many of us don’t know that peacock feather is useful in eliminating lizards. It is believed that lizards are scared of peacock feathers. Hang it on the wall where lizards mostly roam. Try at your home. It is going to be beneficial.

Naphthalene Balls:

Naphthalene Balls are very useful to keep the lizard away from your home. It is one of the best home remedies to stop lizard entering the house. Those who don’t know how to get rid of lizard must use Naphthalene Balls for home. Place it where you find the lizards the most.

Lizards in House Good or Bad

Lizards in house good or bad

There are many advantages of a lizard being in the house. Many people are trying, how to get rid of lizard. But lizards play a very important role to destroy tiny insects from our house and keep our house insects-free. On the other hand, a lizard can cause serious problems. If it falls in our food and you eat you can die. The lizard can cause many diseases with its bite.

If you are looking for redemption from the lizard, try these remedies once. Those who don’t know how to get rid of lizard can benefit from these home remedies.

How to get rid of Lizards: Ultimate Home Remedies

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