How to get your Foot in the Door of Freelance Career (Beginners Guide)

 Monica Langley
  Nov 10, 2017

If you had heard of freelancing before and doubted that you could make some money out of it, then you could be mistaken, as this is one of the ways that some people earn a living. Well, the internet is one of the platforms that support millions of businesses in each day, and for sure, it has lots of transactions happening each day. Having known that you might want to know more about freelancing, by going through the following step by step guide, that will outline what you need to do and start earning as soon as you can:

1. Know your passion

One mistake that many new freelancers make when beginning their career journey is that they fail to identify what they want to do in freelancing. Freelancing is something that needs to be self-motivated; something that you love with all your heart, and that's worth putting some effort into. Take for example Blog Content Creation or Online Tutoring. The two are forms of freelancing, but it doesn't mean that anyone could do well when working on any of the two platforms.

You need to have the passion and desire that will make you want to freelance for as long as you can. The best thing you could do to succeed in freelancing is sticking to one type of freelancing, say content creation, and try as much as you can to make it work. Besides, if others have succeeded in such, why won't you? Most freelancers who fail haven't made a solid decision, so they end up moving from one kind of freelancing to another, and this simply means they will never succeed. Have the greatest passion about what you do, and success will follow you no matter what.

2. Pick the platform

The platform you need to use when freelancing is as important as your passion, and it matters a lot when starting your career. This is because the platform you use will make you realize where you want to direct your career to.

Maybe you want to have a full-time freelancing career, or maybe you have a full-time job, and freelancing will sort of be a side hustle job. It all matters on the kind of life you live as per the moment you decide that want to start freelancing. Some people even quit their full-time jobs so they can venture into freelancing and pursue their passion, and as a result, make some reasonable amount of cash.

The two main platforms you will deal with when freelancing include one where you will use already established sites like Fiverr and the rest, to put your skills into practice. The other platform is whereby you come up with a site or blog and make it a full-time occupation so that you spend most of your time providing services to clients, as you make some money. The platform where you rely on already established sites is best suited to those individuals who want to freelance as a part-time job.

3. Set your foundation

Once you have decided what it is you want to do as a freelancing job, the next thing you need to do is come up with a solid foundation. Such a foundation may be in the form of creating an attractive profile that will interest clients and make them want to hire your services. At this point, you need to be creative when showcasing your skills to the clients and keep in mind that there are other freelancers like you in the business.

Clients will want to pick freelancers whose profiles are competent and look promising since their success highly depends on the results you deliver. You need to make your clients believe that their success matters to you a lot so that they will trust you and feel comfortable as they work with you.

If you have been in the freelancing world before, let the clients know about your successes, while providing some proof as this will increase their confidence in you even further.

4. Search for the best freelancing site

This one mostly applies to those freelancers who want to work while attached to an already established freelancing site. At this point, you need to make use of the internet and look at reviews from other freelancers about the site you want to join.

It's good to go through the various blogs that provide suggestions as to what freelancing sites are considered the best by freelancers so that you will have some place to start. This way, your search for the best site will be simplified, as you already know about the various sites you can join to start your journey.

5. Be socially active

For any freelancer, the social media is another important platform to raise your chances of success as it makes you get noticed by potential clients, and you can also meet freelancers who might connect you to clients.

You should also try your best to get added to a freelancers' social media group, where you can air the problems you face when freelancing, and the other freelancers will be glad to help you out. This way, you can easily learn more and develop your career without having to rely on paid assistance.

6. Start delivering the value

Once you’re all set, it’s time to get out there and show the clients what you can do for them. It should not be a tasking job if you have the right skills, as most of the clients will seek for projects that cover the skills you have outlined in your profile.

The one factor you need to consider is quality, as discussed before since some clients get pissed off rather quickly when they realize that the quality they receive is not worth the amount they paid for.

When working on any project, just take it as if it were yours, and do whatever it takes to make it as successful as you would like it to be, and this will make your clients appreciate the effort you put in. Besides, would it not be encouraging to have messages from various clients streaming in to request you to work on their projects on a long-term contract?

7. Set up a payment method

You have been working tirelessly, and it’s time to get your decent pay by various means. Well, the most commonly used means by a majority of the clients are online platforms such as Paypal, Skrill, and others.

However, you might be required to know all about freelance invoice since some of the clients will prefer that you send them an invoice after the work you’ve done for them so that they can send your cash. When dealing with such clients, though, you need to outline a simple freelance contract that will dictate how you and your clients conduct business, so that everyone knows what is expected of them.

8. Analyze your performance

As you work, you need to keep track of every step you take, and whether or not it adds value to your career. Most freelancers fail to analyze their performance, and this is quite dangerous as it leads to loss of motivation and focus. When you realize that a certain month didn’t work out as you expected, try and correct your mistakes while doings things differently so that you can get better results next time. Even when the results are quite satisfactory, keep pushing as there is still more room to excel.

In conclusion, freelancing is just a job like any other, and let no one discourage you on this one. If you haven’t seen people make a living out of freelancing jobs, have a look at the various success stories on the internet and see for yourself. People are taking great steps and earning a living while you still sit there in doubt. They say that half loaf is better than none. Besides, what do you lose by trying? Get out there and decide to work, hoping for the very best.

How to get your Foot in the Door of Freelance Career (Beginners Guide)

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