How to Increase Metabolism During and After Workout?

 John Lost
  Mar 02, 2018

The athletes who regularly train in the mornings have higher indicators of productivity during the whole day. The thing is that the morning physical workouts increase the speed of metabolism( during the day. It was considered earlier. By the way, the modern research showed that the effective increase of metabolism continues not more than an hour after the end of the workout. This is during the low-intensive workout but during the high-intensive not more than 12-15 hours.

In other words, the morning jogging will lead to an additional reduction of fat deposit during one hour after the end of the training. But a long-distance race during 2 days.

Bodybuilders are easier to achieve an increase in metabolism. As studies show, work with weights conducts to the effect of a steady increase in metabolism within 24-36 hours. This is actual for those who want the muscle growth. Also, the athlete should have the diet and regular food intake with 5-6 portions.

In fact, the bodybuilders know that with such food intake allows supporting the body with amino acids and necessary vitamins. Not many of them know that every food intake leads to the increase of metabolism on average by 8-12% for 1.5-2 hours after eating. In other words, with 6 single meals every 2-2.5 hours, the body burns for 5-7% more calories per day than it does with a three-hour meal. An excellent reason to eat more often for endomorphs.

By the end of the day, the body reduces energy consumption. This is a well-known fact. Evening training can increase metabolism and the effect of it keeps for several hours. Some manage to achieve even that the body burns fat during sleep.

By the way, the intensive training can cause the problems with the sleep, overtraining and other problems with the sleep. You should be very attentive in order to not have such problems. In conclusion, the last research showed that the most effective training for the increase of metabolism is interval training. The training by the interval type is when the athlete alternates the exercises with the high intensity and the exercises with the low intensity. This research was made with the help of exercise bike and treadmill.

You can practice this methodic at the gym with the alternating serious exercises with the light exercises.

Muscle regeneration

Actually, here is also important the muscular regeneration. The right muscle regeneration is a very important aspect of the muscular regeneration. Actually, this process happens during the rest and because of this, you should not forget about rest beside the workouts.

If you overtrain, you will not be able to achieve the main goal. Moreover, the body after a long and hard training is needed in rest and recovery. This principle is most often forgotten.

It is always necessary to take into account that each person has an individual rhythm of muscle growth and cell regeneration. Two different athletes will need different recovery times with the same workouts.Time depends on age. The younger the athlete, the faster the recovery.

How can you know that you have completely recovered, and it's time for you to go back to the gym? Of course, there is approximate time for restoring various muscles after the training.

If there is a desire to exercise, there is no fatigue, muscle pain, irritability, weakness - these are good symptoms and you can train. During the recovery period, you must help your body, but do not burden it with more work!

Give the body as much time as it needs. Actually, there are several ways to support your own regenerative processes. Here is a short list: a warm bath with bath salts or a hot shower for the relaxation. Also, will be good healthy sleep, massage, sauna, and others relaxing procedures. Do not forget to eat healthy food rich in vitamins. Avoid stress, be calm, never create conflict situations, avoid them.

You can easily achieve a quick recovery and complete muscle regeneration by observing these simple rules.

How to Increase Metabolism During and After Workout?

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