How to Install Backup Camera? The Right Way of Doing So

  Sep 14, 2017

This article is geared towards those readers who are looking for the right way on how to install a backup camera. Read on to learn more!


Installing backup camera on your car might be possible only if you know the right steps to follow. Why? Of course, you don’t want to mess up as you install the backup camera and you only aim for the best results. And you want to reap the benefits of having this kind of camera on your car. With that, I will provide a helpful tutorial to help you learn how to install backup camera the right way.

Tools Required

For this tutorial, the tools needed are the following:

  • A car

  • A backup camera

  • Wiring or cables

  • Monitor

  • Head unit

  • Viewing screen

  • Source of power

Instructions to Follow

Bear in mind that this tutorial will work on mounting the backup camera on the license plate or at the bottom of the bumper. Why? This will enable you to get the best view of the back and so for avoiding accidents too.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Planning the installation.

Before installing the backup camera on the vehicle, there is a need for you to know the kind of system you will install. And also, you could make a blueprint of how the entire process will work.

There is a need for you to drill a hole in the license plate or bumper. And you have to know how you would feed the wires through the car. Just make sure that as you install the camera, it must be readily visible to make the driving a lot safer.

Step 2. Put the camera on the car and run the cables.

It is important that you mount first the camera before you try running the wire. Drill a hole that is big enough on the bumper or license plate for you to it close to the center. You must not forget to you’re your wires right from the camera up to the display and sensors in front of the car.

To make things easier, route the cables alongside the kick panel as well as the channel beside the door. And if you’re done, only run the wiring over the rubber grommet at the end of the channel.

Step 3. Connect the cables of the camera to the head unit.

This step would depend on whether you will install a wireless or wired camera. Learning how to install wireless backup camera is a popular choice for the majority.

Right from the back of the bumper, connect the cables to the camera allowing the power from the reverse light, therefore, providing power to your camera. You might use a crimper for the wiring since it is an indispensable tool.

Step 4. Now, connect the monitor to the car.

Link the rear-view monitor and also the backup camera to the accessory outlet since the reverse light needs to power on once the car shifts to reverse. And after that, attach the monitor to the dashboard or the windshield.

You can use a suction cup for enhancing the attachment. Drop the cord and plug it into the cigarette lighter for the power supply of these controls.

Step 5. Wire the monitor into the viewing screen.

For the wired systems, connect the cables and the camera to the display screen right in front of the car. And the method would depend on the car itself and the camera system as well.

Start by pushing the cable through the trunk of the rear seat and if into the car, run a wire that is beneath the kick panel over the area of your car’s front seat into the dash that is near the A-pillar.

Step 6. And finally, connect the viewing screen to the car.

The mirror might mount on behalf of the old rear view mirror to the headliner front. For a wired system, you could attach the extension cable of your camera into the cable right from the monitor at the back of the car.

And for a wireless system, the cable should run to the dash and integrate to the independent source of the power.

Step 7. Of course, you need to test the installed camera.

Just start the car and make sure that the camera is working well. You also have to make sure that you don’t power the camera all throughout as you might not need the camera to be on an entire day. And sometimes, you might find the reverse input not being able to see the real signal.

For more help, watch this video


See? Learning how to install backup camera might be a lot easier and faster especially once guided with the right steps. For those who are looking for help about installing their backup camera on their car, this tutorial might be a big help. The process of installation could never be as easy as this!

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How to Install Backup Camera? The Right Way of Doing So


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