How to Maintain Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)?

 Richard E. Jeffers
  Aug 18, 2018

There are many types of equipment available for the disabled people such as electric wheelchairs, mobility scooter, manual wheelchair, etc. These types of equipment can only help the individual to get to nearby places. But when you talk about travelling to far places, these mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs may not suffice considering that they are less compatible with long distance rides. For such long distance rides, there are stronger and bigger options that can be employed for your disabled loved ones.

One such better option is a Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) which can be more efficient in travelling long distance. The WAV is customized minivans that can support a wheelchair access in the vehicle. Such vehicles are widely known as Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and WAV in short. The WAV comes with a ramp that can be used to enter the vehicle using a wheelchair. The main advantage of the WAV is that the patient doesn’t have to exit the wheelchair for the sake of entering the vehicle.

The WAV require a good care and maintenance for the safety of the patient. The vehicle should be kept clean and should have proper paper works. Apart from these topics, there are many factors that need to be taken care of so that your loved one can enjoy a good ride in the vehicle. Here are some tips that you can employ to keep your WAV safe.

Basic maintenance

The WAV needs a regular checkup to keep the vehicle running on longer runs. The oil, fuel, carburetor, and water coolant in the engine should be kept in check. The vehicle lights and indicators and brakes should also be checked regularly so that you don’t hit a snag on your trip. If you are planning a trip then all the above-mentioned factors should be checked beforehand on the previous day so that you can replace any missing things and repair the faulty parts of your car if any.

Restrains and tie downs

Restrains and tie downs are the things that hold the wheelchairs in a running car. It should be properly checked for the safety of the disabled loved one. If the restrains malfunctions then the safety of the disabled person will be compromised. When the vehicle travels at high speeds and break, the chance is that they can roll out of the running vehicle which can be fatal for the individual. Make sure that the strap or the tie down materials that you use is strong.

Ramp cleaning

Ramps are the pivotal part of any WAV and hence it should be kept clean. The main point of cleaning the ramp is to keep it clean for the wheelchair to easily have a grip on the ramp. Whether it is a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair or a manual normal wheelchair, it requires friction to avoid slipping and hence a clean ramp can maintain friction between itself and the wheels. Therefore, if you have a WAV then keep the ramps clean for easy mounting of the wheelchair on the vehicle.


The documents of the vehicles should be proper without anything missing. The WAV is slightly customized that requires special licensing from the DVLA to get it out on the road. If you have made any extra changes in the vehicles then it is important that you notify the DVLA officers when assessing the vehicles. The documents can be asked during your trip if you are stopped by the police at some points and therefore it is important to keep these documents with you during the trip.

Here are some tips that can help you maintain your WAV in a proper manner. These tips are designed to keep your wheelchair-ridden loved one safe and comfortable during your trip. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should treat you WAV the same way you treat your normal car. Follow these tips and make your trip comfortable and safer.

How to Maintain Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)?

Richard E. Jeffers

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