How to Make A Business Website In 2018

  Aug 16, 2018

It’s 2018, and now even the biggest skeptics can’t argue with the importance of having a website to go along with your business. A business website is different from any other website type, and here is how to make your business website in 2018.

5 steps for making a business website

The creation of a business website can be summed up in 5 essential steps:

  1. Think of the domain name for your site. It can be your company name or a short text phrase, but there is one important requirement: the domain name should be 100% relevant to what your company does.
  2. Get a professional-sounding email address. If you’re still using an email with an inappropriate name or generic domain like Gmail or Yahoo, it’s not a good look for your business. Having your own company website means your email address should be located on the same domain.
  3. Consider the content on your future website. Is your business website going to feature mostly text content, or is it going to have a lot of visual content? The type of content you want to feature on your website determines the design of the site.
  4. Choose your logo. Ideally, a logo will be featured on every page of the website and will be the thing visitors instantly see when launching your site. Make sure the logo is relevant to your business, appropriate, and eye-catching.
  5. Get your website. Decide who will design your business website and how, and then you’re good to go!

Who can make a business website?

Up until recently, business owners had two ways to get a company website: they could hire a professional web agency or do it themselves. A reputable agency will create a website the way you want, but their services are far from affordable.

On the other hand, designing a website is not an easy job, and it’s even more true for a business site. That is why you can’t just decide you want to create a company website and then simply make it true. However, it’s possible to create a business website even without prior experience, as long as you have a reliable partner - an online website building service.

An online site builder like Weblium combines the best from both worlds. You get to have a huge input into the look of your future business website, but the website creation itself, which requires outstanding development and design skills, will be done by a team of professionals. With Weblium you can make a business website in a matter of days, and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the end result.

Top 10 features of a business website

Wondering how to make your business website not only look good but also be functional and informative? Here are 10 features that every business website needs to have:

  • Logo - to make your website recognizable and easy to distinguish from the competitors for every visitor.
  • Easy navigation - users don’t have to frantically move around the page trying to find what they’re looking for.
  • Clear message - make sure the message or company tagline is clearly visible to every new visitor.
  • Top-notch content - the visitors should immediately see that the content posted on your website is worth sticking around for.
  • About us - give the visitors to your website a little insight into your company. Tell a little story about your business and your staff.
  • Blog - invite users into the daily life of your business, inform them of the industry news, or hold new promotions and advertise them on your blog.
  • FAQ - answer the most popular questions about your company and products and make it easy for every user to see.
  • Contact information - let the users know how they can get in touch with you, and don’t forget to include your business hours.
  • Testimonials - visitors who see happy reviews from your past customers are more likely to choose you for their business.
  • Mobile version - visitors should have an equally satisfying experience using your website no matter which device they’re using.
  • Support staff 24/7 hours available to assist valuable customers.
How to Make A Business Website In 2018


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