How to make a good environment for your food truck

 Shakshi Talwar
  Mar 13, 2018

It’s all about the ambiance and vibe; this is perhaps the most clichéd phrase used by marketers and designers all around the globe in food industry. Truth be told is that regardless of the taste and customers service some food trucks still tend to fail, the prime reason behind this gruesome failure is the general ambiance of the food truck. Food trucks are touted as recreational spots, and hence customers visit food trucks with an expectation and when the truck fails to deliver on this front, reputation suffers a huge blow. But you don’t need to worry about this as we are going to advise you how your food truck environment could be improved.

You would be amazed what small celebrations could do to your business; try to commemorate every small milestone. Even if its someone’s birthday, could be your customer’s or any staff member’s you need to do something special. It does not have to be fancy or pompous but small gestures such as preparing a special cupcake for them or giving them a discount would do the magic, you have no idea how far such small gestures go. Celebrations also tend to lift up the spirit and vibe of the place, and customers are always looking for a place with a fun vibe.

Importance of old fashioned customer service is always undermined and underrated, the small acts of kindness could provide you with the undying and unwavering loyalty of a customer. You need to train your staff in a way that they take pride in serving your customers, and they treat them like kings. Remember if the customers are happy, no competitor is a threat for you. Therefore instead of spending ridiculous amount on marketing and advertisement, try to spend on customer service development as well.

How to interact with customers?

Engage with your customers, introduce yourself and then ask them if they are happy with the food. Customers love to interact with owners and person in charge, as it makes them feel special. Moreover in today’s day and age if you interact with your customers they would not only give an honest feedback, but would also tell their friends and family about their amazing experience with the owner through social media, which means that you really don’t need to spend that much on advertisement, when you could achieve similar results through direct interaction.

Turning your food truck into a community might seem a rather difficult task but if executed correctly, this could be the best thing that would have happened to your business. People prefer places and spots where they could find people with similar interests and if you could successfully turn your food truck into a community of likeminded people, your business would actually attract customers from places which you yourself won’t have ever imagined even in your wildest dreams. Remember ambiance and environment play a key role in food industry, henceforth you must leave no stone unturned in making your food truck a fun and enjoyable spot for people.

How to deal with angry customers?

First step in handling an angry and utterly rude customer is that you stay calm and avoid overreacting. Since we all are human beings and have a natural tendency to hit someone when being attacked verbally; however as a business owner, it is your foremost duty to remain calm. Do not respond and retaliate as that would escalate the matter and would further damage your brand’s image. Even if the rude customer is at fault, still you need to stay calm as there are other customers who are going to judge you for how you react to this situation.

Diplomatic tone can do wonders and as a food truck vendor, you always need to have a warm tone, although in these sort of situations it becomes seemingly difficult to remain calm, but still you should be a man with a bigger heart and should try to resolve this issue tactfully. Adopting a diplomatic tone would also have a soothing effect on the rude customer and sooner or later they would admit their mistake, but it is important to remain calm.

How to make a good environment for your food truck

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