How to Make Cardboard House for Kids

 Max Leed
  Aug 06, 2018

Children are always being fond of playing and need different toys to play and to make their own separate world by using their toys. They can get different toys made by hand or by machines which can serve as an entertainment tool for all the children. They use to play in their imaginary world and are very happy at playing that. They make different houses for playing and mostly the girls use to play with dollhouses, which need to be manufactured by different materials, which needs to be of reliable material so that children can play with these houses. Here we are going to talk about manufacturing cardboard houses for children to make their play more interesting and exciting.


How to make Cardboard House

For manufacturing an effective and reliable cardboard house for children, you need to have some of the material through which you can easily make these boxes. The material needed for cardboard house is corrugated cardboard, cardboard tubes, knife or cutter, markers, pens, and tapes. By using all these materials, you can manufacture a perfect cardboard house for children. While choosing a material for cardboard houses always make sure that this material is totally safe and will not harm any of the individuals in any case. As if you take a cardboard of medicine packaging and it contains some chemicals then it can cause any sort of damage.

  • Find Cardboard

You need to search for high-quality cardboard so that you can make an inexpensive cardboard house by using already used cardboard. You can get that cardboard material from your house, office, retail store or wholesale shop. You also need to search for cardboard tubes so that you can make sure that everything you need for manufacturing that house is available to you easily. All the other that is to be used in making cardboard houses are easily available at everyone’s house. If some material is not available then you can buy it at a very low cost as these things are available in the market and are so cheap.

  • Make a draft

You need to make a rough draft of your house so that you can make your house without any confusion and in the desired way. After making a draft you need to make a sketch of your house by using cardboard. In that sketch, you need to make clear that what should be the height and width of your house and how much wide you need to make a roof of your house. Use tall cardboard pieces to make corners and heights of houses and you can join them by using tapes so that they will remain stick to their position. This sketch will give you an idea about the size of doors, windows, and roof. It also tells you that in which design you can fit the doors, windows, and roof so that you can make a beautiful, astonishing and fascinating house for playing.

  • Use Cardboard Tubes To Strengthen the House

After making a sketch of the house you need to give strong support to the house in the form of cardboard tubes so that house will stand firm and straight. You can fit these cardboard tubes to the corners of cardboard attached. These can be fitted by using tape so that they will provide strong support to the house and prevent it from being damaged. Cardboard can easily get molded so as to prevent it from molding or collapsing we always use cardboard tubes to make it stand still.

  • Use Ceiling Beams

When you finish by adding cardboard tubes to the box to make it stronger then you need to put ceiling beam in the house. These beams can be fit in between upper two corners of cardboard tubes so that it can remain strong in width and will not collapse in any case. These ceiling beams are so useful as you have to fit your house’s roof by attaching it with these beams.

  • Make Windows

You need to make windows of these houses so that children can like them as they can easily see inside it through the window. Use rectangular cut cardboard to make the window as this need to be in rectangular shape so that it will give an open look to your cardboard house. Windows always give an open and beautiful look to your houses so it also gives an amazing look to your cardboard house.

  • Create Roof

After making windows of the house you need to make a roof for your cardboard house according to its size so that it will perfectly fit the house. The roof can serve as a shelter so it can be made in different designs. You can make a roof in rectangular, square or triangle shape and it totally depends on your taste that what type of roof you like for your cardboard house. You can attach that roof with the ceiling beams by using tapes so that it gets to stick to them and will not collapse.

  • Make Doors

You can make doors of the cardboard house by using a rectangular shaped cardboard piece. You can also make the walls of your house and also the door of your house, which will give an astonishing, beautiful and completed look to your house. Doors are the necessary part of a house as you enter the house through these doors so these need to be made in a perfect way.

  • Customize Your Cardboard House

You can also make your house customized or personalized by using different graphics, eye-catching line and much other stuff related to your house. You can print the specifications of that house so that you can give an amazing and fascinating look to your houses. You can design your house according to the need and desire of your children so that they can play with them with greater love.

You can design a perfect and appealing house by using simple things and is a cost-effective house to play for children.

How to Make Cardboard House for Kids

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