How to Make Your Business Website Do the Selling for You

  May 10, 2018

Any business that fails to sale is a business that has no future. Advances in communication technology, the internet, and a cheap website builder for business here and there have changed the way people buy. Now, people can compare goods and services from the comfort of their homes. Even those who do not eventually buy online are checking business websites before buying from a brick and mortar store. This is the reason why you may want to invest time in ensuring that your website does the selling for you.

Simplicity is the new sophistication

If you have tried to navigate any website that overwhelms you, you will understand why your business needs a simple yet effective website that will not scare prospective customers and make them give up navigating before purchasing anything. For instance, it's easy to believe that when building a business website you need to show off your skills by making it as intricate as possible and including as many products as you can. However, experts advise that having fewer products on your site and making them more prominent will actually help you sell more products that cramming too many products on your landing page and making it difficult for customers to see what they are looking for.

Capture details

Once someone visits your websites, they’ve already indicated that they’re interested in the merchandise you sell. You want to take advantage of this by having a creative way of capturing their contact details so that you can keep interacting with them later on and ensuring they know when you have new information of products they may be interested in.

One of the effective methods for capturing the details of your prospective clients is to offer them something which is valuable. The idea is to ensure this doesn’t cost you too much. For instance, you could offer an e-Book to anyone who signs up or a discount on their first purchase. You can also let your customers join a blog that offers useful information that can be quite helpful not only for using your website but bas some really useful information that can be applied to many other aspects as well. Whatever you do, ensure you inform the prospective buyer that their information will be protected.

Less text, more graphics

Whoever said a picture speaks a thousand words was not wrong. Studies have shown that the human brain processes graphics thousands of times better than it does texts. This is the reason why when you are building a business website, you will need to include videos and other visuals. However, ensure that these visuals are high quality and have a high resolution to draw the attention of the visitor and appeal to their aesthetic sense.

Clear and updated info

Selling online, whether it may be clothes items or photographer service, means that most of your communication is going to be provided also online. If you do not want to spend most of your days answering the same questions and sending dozens or even hundreds of e-mails/messages with the same information, make sure your prospective clients can find everything they need right on the first page of your website or in a special FAQ section which can be also easy found.

The same goes with the updating of your information. Make sure your clients can see what have changed. If the delivery time is changed, explain why. If you want to offer a special discount, make sure every visitor to your website can notice it. Try to make your business website so that people do not need to contact asking for any details but to contact you only when they want to obtain your service or products.


People tend to believe things said by other ordinary people like themselves. Have a section on your website were satisfied customers can testify about your service. Request customers to say something about the product. Have someone to reply to the comments and ensure that even those that are not so flattering are included too; it’s okay that people can sometimes find your service unsatisfactory. However, reply to comments and indicate what you’re doing to correct what is wrong.

How to Make Your Business Website Do the Selling for You


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