Lisa Mitchell
  Jan 01, 2019

The festive season is about to usher in the New Year. 2019 is set to be another memorable year in the history of man. However, it can be more memorable for you that wants to sell that car. Selling a car is by no means an easy task. For one thing, your car would have to meet the specification of someone else who you probably would barely know. You would also have to sort out the necessary documents and everything that comes with it.

The biggest problem you might face though is maximizing the value of the car which you are trying to sell. For many people who search for sell my car on a daily basis, this can prove to be a thorn in their flesh. There is no denying the fact that cash for cars is one way in which you can make a lot of quick money. Here are some of the ways than in which you can maximize the value of your car before selling in 2019.


  • MILEAGE: one thing which would play a vital role in the valuation of your car is its mileage. No matter how new and improved your car looks, the value would not go up as far as the mileage is way gone. If you intend to sell your car in the near future, ensure that you avoid using your cars for long trips. This will certainly eat out of your mileage system. When it comes to mileage, getting to the round figures can really be a deal breaker. This is all down to the mental belief that a car past 100,000 miles is no good for valuation. Try to make sure that you always keep it within the limit to boost your car’s valuation.

  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE: a car would need to be maintained on a regular basis. This is more important especially if you are looking to sell your car in 2019. Looking for more cash for cars? You would definitely need to ensure that your car is running smoothly especially before the potential buyer comes along. The effect of not having a well-maintained car could be disastrous to your valuation. Worse yet, it can actually make you lose out altogether on the sale. You can keep your maintenance level up by dealing with the so-called minor issues straight away. Allowing them to compile or accumulate would only affect your car even more. PROPER PARKING: the manner and place where a car is parked are often overlooked by most persons, but it can cost you cash for cars when you are looking to sell. Exposing your car to sunlight and other extreme weather would only ensure that your car ages faster and damage is done to your car. Parking your cars under trees too would also expose your car to the chances of bird droppings and falling branches hitting your car which would cause damage to it. With all these risks involved, it is advised that you make sure that your car is always parked at a place which is sheltered and secured to protect it from damage at all times.

  • OUTWARD APPEARANCE: everyone knows that the important parts of a car are the engines. However, the outward appearance of a car would also matter greatly to most buyers. The better looking your car appears to be, the chances that you would be able to sell your car for the valuation you want. When cleaning your car, you should strive to remember that the interior also matters. It would be embarrassing to see the exterior all squeaky clean and then the interior looking disgusting and irritating. Also, ensure that you keep your animals away from your car. You have no control over what they can do, and it can lead to permanent stains on your car. It is important that you avoid smoking in your car. Smoking is one smell which would not just go away easily. It can be a turn off for most prospective buyers. Are you interested in "selling my car in 2019?" if you are, endeavor to keep it clean at all times.

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT TIME TO SELL: another thing which could affect your car valuation for better or worse is the time which you decide to sell. Selling at a period where the demand for cars is relatively low would definitely spell trouble for you. It would also be a wrong time to attempt to sell when the price of fuel is rising. The chances of getting a valuation which you would be happy with are going to be low. Your quest to sell my car is bound to continue. Choosing the right time to sell is pivotal.

  • MANNER OF DRIVING: you cannot afford to drive recklessly if you are looking to sell your car in 2019. All you would have for a car are damages and a rough looking vehicle which even the mechanic would have problem fixing. It is important that you drive carefully during this period. Try to follow all the traffic rules and avoid driving under the influence of anything. When you are about to sell a car, there is no need to take any risks or chances which would put your car sale in danger of not happening.

Finally, ensure that all the lights in your cars are working properly. Also, check the laws in your jurisdiction which may have a bearing on your final valuation. If you cannot do the sale yourself, get yourself an agent which would be sure to do a professional job for you.

Selling your car does not have to be too difficult. With a little bit of caution and luck on your part, you would be able to make the sale a success.


Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is a San Diego based Auto Financing blogger with many year of experience covered with Car sell/buy in San Diego, Financing and trading Autos. She has started her carrier from Auto City in 2010. Auto City only offers the highest-quality used cars for sale at extremely competitive prices. That special combination of quality and affordability adds up to one thing – real value to you, the customer.

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