How to Monitor Your Kids' Activities in 2018?

 Indy Roy
  Jul 05, 2018

The parents have to love their children responsibly and boost their growth. They are responsible for the spiritual and material welfare of the children. Monitoring means setting up guidelines for the child and allows parents to keep track of what is going on in his or her life. It also says that the child should be able to communicate with the parents regarding what is going on in his or her life. Following are listed some of the guidelines to monitor your children:

Parents Teacher Meeting

Parent-teacher meeting is a wonderful conference to meet the teaching team of your child. Each teacher in the classroom has a different perspective on your child, and thus it will help you to know about your child’s experience at school. The parent teaching meeting will help you to know about the skills of your child:

Firstly, it will help in understanding the child’s social and emotional skills. The teachers will able to tell you how much the child pays attention in the class, whether (s)he is friendly or rude, whether (s)he takes part in the classroom and other activities, interaction skills with the teacher or his peers. The teachers may give you positive feedback, or it can make comments like ‘talkative’ and ‘naughty child’. Therefore you can get a clear image of the social characteristics of your child.
Secondly, the teachers will help you know the language development skills of your child. They will help you in understanding whether your kid can connect with the teachers or the instructions provided by them.
Thirdly, you will get to know about the strength and weakness of your child. The teachers can suggest measures to develop strength and overcome the shortcomings.
Finally, the teachers will help to create a set of goals for the child. Goals are individualized according to the needs of a child.

Parental Control App

Growing kids need a lot of care and attention in these times of digital world as they might get trapped in the hidden dangers of technology. Here are some of the best spy tools to control your kid’s smartphone: Best social media spy tool is iKeyMonitor parental control app.
It has the following features- monitoring cell phones with time duration, blocking unwanted apps and games on your child’s iOS/Android GPS tracker and other facilities.
It provides the features of limiting screen time, setting up Geo-facing, extra plugins for parental control.
This application provides the features like – WhatsApp and Facebook monitoring, reporting on web browsing history, GPS logs.
This app sends the notifications automatically, tamper-proof, monitoring photos, access to installed applications and much more.
Some other features are time restrictions, profanity an intrusion alert, easy blocking and unblocking features.

Web Filter Usage

Web filtering is a technology which filters some of the URL’s to prevent their browsers from loading. There are a lot of parental techniques. Web filtering is one of them. The web is massive, and therefore it is not possible for the web filter company to categorize all the websites. There are keyword based filtering techniques as well. You can choose a filtering level. For example, high filtering level will protect against all adult sites, social site, and illegal activities. The high filtering level will block the maximum number of sites, whereas the low and the moderate level will have less number of websites. This is how the filtering process can be carried out.


Counseling is one of the best techniques to control your child. Many times, the child is unable to cooperate with many problems with their parents, and therefore they suffer from anxiety, anger and depression issues. Counseling helps the children to manage and overcome personal issues. Advice helps in boosting the child’s self-development and achieving their goals. Often the counselors work in collaboration with parents so that the work done by the counselors is reinforced and supported at home.

As children nowadays are exposed to an online world full of unknown results, the rate of dangers and problems which have never occurred before may increase. Parents still have enough methods to know about their kids and protect them from online threats. Never overlook the effects of teacher-parent meeting, parental control app, web filter, and counseling.

How to Monitor Your Kids' Activities in 2018?

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