How to Pick the Best Answering Service for Your Business

 Alice Johnson
  Jun 14, 2019

Having such a large share of business preferring a phone conversation over an email shows that it's vital to have a competent receptionist on the other end. But you can't have someone answering your calls 24/7 so what do you do then?


An answering service can be the key to efficient communication. Here's everything you need to know about picking the best answering service for your business.

How to Pick the Best Answering Services?


A budget is usually the first box a business wants to check when sourcing added services.

Be sure to look into the answering service companies and their pricing. Some answering services will start your business off on a promotional rate, and the hidden costs will come to the surface at a later stage. Be careful of signing contracts on an introductory offer, that will most likely skyrocket later.

Search for transparent pricing that is clear from start to finish within the contract.

Once you've selected an approach, confirm what the package's base charges include. Some telephone answering services won't be clear as to the costs for add-on services.

Look for the following things:

  • Added emails, text messages and faxes will often double your monthly payment.
  • Weekend or holiday service should not be paid for extra, these should be included in your base fee.
  • Schedule updates and directories should be part of your basic package and not be paid for as an added service.


Most often in small business and medical business, confidentiality is key. Particularly in a call center environment. Your answering service needs to put your mind at ease by assuring you that your business' privacy and confidentiality is a top priority for them.

The staff within the answering service should be trained and understand that there is strict non-disclosure of confidential information.


Most answering service and call center technology is advanced and more than sufficient. However, ask about what their backup solutions are in the event of power outages and incidents similar to this, you want to make sure that a simple downtime in services doesn't mean that your service goes unprovided.

See features here that could be helpful in your decision process.


Answering service staffing is just as important to your business has the people on the ground. The operators who will be picking up your business' calls should be both friendly and professional.

Try to prioritize finding an answering service that has experience in your industry or field of work, this will alleviate pressure when clients call in with problems that the man on the street wouldn't ordinarily be able to answer.

Finding the Best Answering Service

Simply put, finding the best answering service for you and your business will be a journey. Take your time in finding the right company for you.

Look our for answering service companies that specialize in your industry, and try to stay away from very large corporations that lack the 'personal touch'.

You want your clients calling in to feel welcome and not just a number in the queue.

Good luck.

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How to Pick the Best Answering Service for Your Business

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