How to Plan for Valentine's Day – Valentine’s day Ideas

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 18, 2019

Valentine day is the most awaited day of the year for couples in order to flaunt and make feel special your beloved. Remember it is not the only day to love and surprise your beloved but you should try to be same the whole year or life. One should plan out a whole day of surprises rather than just a dinner date.

Valentine's Day

Following are the ways which are categorized according to the time period of the day:


• As soon as your beloved gets up in the morning there should be a fall of flowers on him/hers at the bed itself.

• Decorate the way from where your beloved first walks after getting up.

• Gift him/her a red dress that resembles the eternal love.

• Ask your beloved for a morning-long drive and then stop at a less travelled place where you both can have breakfast under the wonderful blue sky.

• If it is possible to book a private place at the resort where you both will be comfortable then it will be amazing.

• The breakfast should only contain favourite dishes of your beloved. Hard luck if you are not aware of the favourite food of your beloved.

• Pack some delicious cookies in a jar and outside the jar place your beloved’s picture or if it is possible to customize cookies with your beloved’s name which will be a super awful moment for him/she.

• Give red roses after every activity during the valentine day.

• Make chocolates by your own that will be really appreciable by your beloved.

• Well, that was just a trailer of the day.


• During the afternoon, it is generally sunny so do not prefer any open spaces at this time.

• Make your beloved experience favourite activity such as shopping, watching movies, playing with dogs, etc.

• Do not miss an exotic lunch. It should be much creative. Like lunch on the boat, at a beach, between sea, etc. And I assure you that your beloved will be on Cloud 9 at the mid of the day.

• Create a cozy atmosphere to watch some romantic movies or maybe go through your old picture and recall all those vibes again. By this way, you can add more spark to your relation.

• Appoint a photographer and get lock your memories through wonderful pictures. Plan out poses beforehand so that it does not take much time.

• Spend some quality of time with your beloved let him/her know what do you feel for love that is being shared. Share some mutual future goals.

• One can also book a spa appointment for beloved in order to make him/she relaxed.


• Ask your partner for some live music show where you and your beloved will be listening to some romantic songs.

• Tea/coffee with an amazing sunset view will be perfect for valentine evening.

• At resort with your beloved just place your legs inside the pool and watch the sunset. Do not forget to capture memories.

• Pre-order a red velvet cake for your beloved with many red and white balloons around and then make your beloved cut the cake.

• Make a video of yourself singing a favourite song of your beloved and dancing simultaneously but before that dress up in such a way that your beloved always want you to be.

• Plan a dance group performance and enjoy together with your partner in crime.

• Play some interesting games with your partner that will bring you closer on this special evening.

• Go for a long walk hand in hand with your beloved. That moment will be adorable under the stars and moon with your love of life.


• The most awaited time of the day is the night of valentine day makes it a most special period of the day.

• Gift her pair of dress, a clutch, high heels, makeup box, and matching accessories. If you can then appoint beautician for your woman to dress perfectly.

• Tie a cloth on the eyes of your beloved and place a ring on the ring finger in order to let him/she feel that you are treating in a lavish way.

• Plan out a delicious dinner under the dark sky with some candle lights around you both. Do not forget to play some soft songs for a sweet background.

• One can also go for a long bike ride after dinner during the dark night for some quality of time.

• End this wonderful day with a letter written by you that how special it was spending a valentine day.

How to Plan for Valentine's Day – Valentine’s day Ideas

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