How to prepare for Ielts and get high score

 Neha Sharma
  Dec 05, 2017

What is Ielts :

International English Language Testing System (Ielts) is English proficiency test which is required if one wants to go to other country for work or study where English is first Language. Basically it has two modules

  1. General- this modules is for those who want to go abroad for work purpose
  2. Academic- This is for those who want to go abroad for studies.

Basically Both modules have four version

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing

Academic module basically has similar sections as compared to general section but it is little harder than General module. Eden Immigration also provides Best ielts coaching in chandigarh and prepare a student for each module in best way.

Why it is important

Ielts test is accepted by a lot of universities in many countries. So for study purpose it is very important and for work as well In other words we can say that It helps a candidate for fulfilling its dreams .

How to get high score in ietls

How to boost ielts score

Getting high score in Ielts is always important for a candidate. So for high score in Ielts a candidate should follow some important tips. Here are some tips

Having good grammar knowledge : It is one of the most Important thing on which a candidate should try to work. Having good knowledge of grammar will help a student to get good bands in Ielts test. So a student who is preparing for Ielts should pay necessary attention to one’s grammar knowledge such as right usage of rules in tenses and right usage of helping verbs etc. with that it will be easy for a student to do well in the Test .

Vocabulary : Having good vocabulary is also a plus point in Ielts test so a candidate should try to improve one’s vocabulary. Coaching centre also provide books for vocabulary and a candidate can take the help of internet. There are a lot of websites on internet which gives good vocabulary knowledge

Try sample online test : It will not only help the candidate to understand the format better but also one can practice before the exam. Candidate will come to know many things in online test So one can work on one’s weakness before the test.

Practice : Everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect so for good result in Ielts as well one should practice as much as possible. Ielts test has four version- speaking, reading, writing and listening so one should pay attention to improve one’s performance in each version. Only paying attention to one version and not paying good attention to other version will not be good for the result.

Understand the format : To understand the format of Ielts test whether it is academic or general is very important for a candidate. Because if one understand the format then it becomes easy for one to prepare for it in better way so a candidate should try to get sample papers of Ielts or one should contact their teachers for getting to know the format

Key points in each version : For better preparation in listening section a candidate should try to watch movies and news in English as it will improve one’s listening skills and for good preparation in writing section one should try to write essays. It will really help a candidate to understand how to write an essay. For reading section one should try to read newspaper everyday. Candidate should also try to increase one’s reading speed as it will help one to utilize the time better in the test.

What we should do before exam

Ielts coaching in ChandigarhGood preparation is necessary if one wants to get good bands in Ielts test but what is equally important is good revision of what one has read. Before two days of the test a candidate should revise what it had prepared. It will help that candidate to remember better. Or one should also keep in mind one more thing that on the day of exam a candidate should not get nervous as it also affects the result a lot. Eden Immigration which is the best Ielts institute in Chandigarh takes care of these small but important things

How to prepare for Ielts and get high score

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